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Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Nov-16-2008)

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Performance (40% of the final score) - now, if you've made it this far into the review, you're probably expecting me to hand out my second zero ever for performance. Let me be honest - I am sorely tempted to do so. But, I can't quite go that far, for the two Everest 700W samples did complete the overshoot transient tests. But still, not powering up for load testing, fan controller issues, shaky build quality, and an overall aura of pure suck are going to be hard indeed on the performance score. 1.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - there is some good news here. I like the semi fanless operation, poorly implemented as it is. I like the way modular is done. I like the sleeving. But still, the refusal to power up at a common 140W load is going to affect things a bit here too. 7.

Value (30% of the final score) - FSP's own shopping site,, lists this unit at an atrocious $149.99 as I type this. ValleySeek is a bit better at $120.88. Since I couldn't even get my samples to start load testing, I'm not even sure how good a value that is. Oh, who am I kidding... you can get a Corsair TX750 at ValleySeek too for $107.20. Even if this group regulated Epsilon update had been working, it can't compete with such an outstanding independently regulated design. I'm not quite feeling the same score I handed out in the performance area, but close. 2.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) - I must admit, I am starting to warm up to the blue finish and off gold fan grille on these newer FSP units. And, the sleeving is well done, which adds to things. What does not add to things are the packaging induced scuff marks. I'm going to scuffy scuff scuff my way to a 5.









Total Score



In what could very well be the lowest total score ever handed out on this site, the FSP Everest 700W manages to acheive something I had thought impossible for a company I once admired for its engineering prowess: it has taken a giant step on the icy ground that is the Epsilon platform and fallen flat on its face. Not only is the Everest 700W a tremendously disappointing unit that somehow manages to out-suck its big brother, it seems that it is an unreliable unit as well with two samples in a row both failing to even get started on the load testing program here at

Folks, even the worst of the worst units here at the site are able to start test one at room temperature. I had two Powmax units start test one. I had an Allied start test one. No more needs to be said, in my opinion. I'm going to hold on to my test units as lawyer repellant and tell you to take your hard earned dollars elsewhere. Should FSP fix the problems and send a third unit I'll go ahead and test it, scoring it seperately on a fifth page, but in the meantime the Everest 700W had the usual two chances to shine I give to all companies and utterly blew it both times. Sorry FSP, but the review bus can't stay at the depot, waiting forever for a good unit. It wouldn't be fair to the other companies I get review units from. You'll have to catch the next one.

I hope you recover from this, FSP. I really mean that, both as a former customer and an electronics technician. Maybe it's time to retire the Epsilon platform and move on. It's been around a while now... tell it to get a job, stop mooching off of Daddy Kingcraft and Mommy Zen, and just move out of the basement. Or something.

The Good:

  • blue is nice
  • passed overshoot transient testing
  • I guess 80 Plus must have gotten a working one, because it's certified over there
  • semi modular
  • well sleeved cables in general

The Bad:

  • fan controller design is poorly implemented
  • sleeving on the ATX cable stops too short of the connector

The Mediocre:

  • first ever set of units to completely fail both sets of progressive load tests
  • fan controller design causes protection circuit issues and uncertain fan operation due to grounding to the 3.3V output


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