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Sample Provided by: Azza (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jan-28-2013)

Page 3 - Cold Testing

Load testing this unit will go according to the normal plan: both of my SunMoon SM-268s will be doing the loading for this unit. Load patterns will be exactly the same as those I used for the Rosewill Tachyon, just for easier comparison.

Other gear helping out will consist of the Rek RF9901 power meter, Tek oscilloscope, dual probe thermometer, and Extech DMM. You know, all the same stuff I used to test old Rosey.

Results from Azza PSAZ-1000PT14
STANDBY load tests
Test # +5VSB DC Watts/
AC Watts
P.F. Eff.
1 0.5A 2.56W/
0.340 76.2%
2 1.25A 6.38W/
0.464 77.1%
3 2.5A 12.7W/
0.537 75.6%

Here we go with the standby load tests. Nothing amiss here... just the standard stuff we've seen before from this platform. Efficiency is better than average, but not by a lot.

Regulation is a fantastic 0.8%.

Results from Azza PSAZ-1000PT14 low load test
+3.3V +5V +12V -12V 5VSB DC Watts/
AC Watts
P.F. Eff.
10.3% 1.5A 1.5A 7A 0.2A 0.5A 103.1W/
0.988 84.3%
3.37V 5.18V 12.19V -12.12V 5.12V

This is a little surprising to see, though - that 84.3% number. That's almost a full one percent drop from the Rosewill. That said, having decided to test this unit exclusively in fully fanned mode, that would explain it. When the fan runs, it adds some load to the equation.

We'll just have to dial up the main tests and see how much more impact the fan has on efficiency, yes?

But before we do... holy ravioli. Look a the 5V rail. Almost at 5.2 volts! That's up there, but fortunately not out of spec.

Results from Azza PSAZ-1000PT14 COLD load tests
Test #
+3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive load tests
1 1.5A 1.5A 15.5A 206.8W/
120.6V 89.2% 0.974 25°C/
3.37V 5.18V 12.19V
2 3A 3A 31A 410.3W/
119.4V 91.1% 0.984 26°C/
3.35V 5.16V 12.17V
3 3.5A 3.5A 39A 512.7W/
117.0V 91.1% 0.988 26°C/
3.34V 5.15V 12.16V
4 5.5A 5.5A 62A 810.4W/
116.7V 90.3% 0.991 28°C/
3.32V 5.12V 12.12V
5 7A 7A 78A 1018W/
117.4V 89.5% 0.993 28°C/
3.31V 5.10V 12.10V
CL1 12A 12A 0A 105.9W/
118.2V 81.5% 0.986 28°C/
3.32V 5.09V 12.18V
CL2 0A 0A 83A 1009W/
116.9V 89.7% 0.992 29°C/
3.32V 5.15V 12.10V

Ooh... we almost had a miss, but thanks to my 1% margin of error for the test equipment, this unit does clear Platinum level efficiency by a hair. And I'm not talking one of the hairs from the back of my head, no. I'm talking about the ones from the front where it's thinning out some. Er... that is... where I've gotten too tall for my hair. Yeah, that's it.

Let's see how bald the regulation is. Bad. Let's see how bad the numbers are. No, I'm not preoccupied, why do you alopecia... I mean, ask? Let's see here... from left to right as usual... 1.8%, 1.5%, and 0.7%. That adds up to an average of 1.3%, which is most definitely above the line to get into my "excellent" slot. Awesome! That's an improvement on the Rosewill take on this platform, definitely.

Before we go on, I do have a very minor complaint. I'd like to see the PFC section of this unit do a little better. It's not doing badly, by any means, it's just when I look at this unit and compare it against the Enermax Maxrevo platform, which is quite capable of hitting 0.999 power factor numbers, I find this platform coming up a little wanting there. Again... not a big deal. I won't score against it, because Platinum certification only requires 0.950 at half power. Even so, there is room for improvement.

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