Reviews - OCZ ZS 550W
Sample Provided by: OCZ Technology (By jonny on Thu, Jul-21-2011)

Page 3 - Internal analysis

The fan used in this unit is one we've seen a number of times: A Globe Fan 135mm x 25mm ball bearing fan.

An overview of the open power supply shows that this is a Sirfa built unit. It's a very basic double forward, independently regulated design, but it works. A number of units use DC to DC VRM's for the non-primary rails because it's supposed to yield better efficiency. The sacrifice is typically poor voltage regulation. Here we go old school, have decent voltage regulation and manage to pull off 80 Plus Bronze. In other words: If you're using VRM's on the non-primary rails and you're still not getting at least 80 Plus Bronze, time to rethink your whole platform!

The first stage of the transient filter has an X capacitor and two Y capacitors.

The transient filtering stage is continued on the main PCB where we find on more X cap, two more Y capacitors and an MOV.

The primary capacitor is an 85°C rated Matsushita capacitor.

Secondary capacitors were all Chemi-Con. The use of Japanese capacitors aren't advertised on the box because the recent disasters in Japan have made all electronics manufacturers question the availability of Japanese made capacitors... at least within a reasonable lead time.

All of the wires are terminated with heat shrink. All and all, very nice and a big improvement over some Sirfa units we've seen without heat shrink. and even some melted insulation from where someone was a little clumsy with a soldering iron.

The secondary capacitors look like they are fighting for PCB space. In reality, it looks like the capacitor on the end got soldered down crooked and the use of caulk between the capacitors just pushed it out further.

All and all, the soldering quality is pretty decent. Not perfect, but really not bad at all.

That about wraps it up! Let's score this unit...

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