Reviews - Corsair CX430 V2 430W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-23-2011)

Page 3 - Hot Testing
Overshoot Transient Testing - Corsair CX430V2
VSB to Full, 12V
Off to Full, 12V

Switchmode power supplies all have one thing in common - they toss out a brief voltage spike on the outputs when power is first applied. This puppy is no exception to this rule. In fact, suppression of these spikes is a little bit below average when you compare this unit to the better and badder units I tend to look at most of the time. There is a spike on both the 5VSB and 12V rails, the spike is as obvious as a fart in church, and you can clearly see it in the above scope shots.

That said, the unit did keep the spikes well inside the ATX spec, which allows for them to get no more than 10% above mean value, and no plummeting into the negative voltage range. This unit's spike suppression is adequate. And you might want to suppress that railroad spike before it meets the boss... the cop's got a buddy now. Must be his partner.

Honestly, I was hoping these homicidal urges of yours would have gone away by now. I blame it on your Jar-Jar loving co-worker there. Wait, is he leaving? He is. Well, that should help. I know my urge to kill is fading.

Time for some hot box action. I must confess that there is little chance of the ambient temp in there staying below thirty degrees, so I'll just toss the unit in there and see what happens.

Results from Corsair CX430V2 HOT load tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive load tests
1 1A 1A 6A 85.0W/
81.2% 0.967 23°C/
3.31V 5.10V 11.95V
2 3A 3A 11A 163.8W/
83.9% 0.985 27°C/
3.30V 5.07V 11.94V
3 5.5A 5.5A 17A 258.1W/
83.5% 0.992 32°C/
3.28V 5.04V 11.91V
4 7A 7A 22A 331.3W/
82.2% 0.995 34°C/
3.27V 5.02V 11.86V
5 9A 9A 28A 422.3W/
79.9% 0.996 37°C/
3.25V 4.99V 11.82V
Crossload tests
CL1 14A 14A 1A 129.4W/
74.4% 0.983 30°C/
3.28V 4.72V 12.53V
CL2 1A 1A 28A 337.6W/
82.8% 0.994 34°C/
3.28V 5.19V 11.58V

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that this unit doesn't mind getting hotter than thirty, for it had no problems holding up all the way to test five at thirty-seven degrees. That said, the unit did have some issues. Midway into test CL1, the unit shut down on me. And I'm not sure why it did. Voltages were as you see them, the ambient temp was down to its maximum operating temp spec, and nothing really happened to make me think it was going to do that.

However, the unit immediately restarted and completed the rest of its load testing. That's a little unusual, but very welcome. Usually, once a unit shuts down in my hot box, it will not get going again. Either it will be dead or some overtemp protection circuit will lock it down for a long time. This unit got going again immediately. And by that I mean within five seconds of shutting down, I had it going again. So, I'll give the shutdown issue a pass this time. I mean, seriously... who cares if it shuts down at a load pattern no modern rig is going to put it through? Not I, said the wolf.

Lets move on to the efficiency. Clearly, the heat has had a negative effect here, as the unit is now outside 80 Plus numbers on test five. But again, are we surprised? Test five was seven degrees outside the rated temp spec for this unit. And really, it only dropped out of 80 Plus by 0.1% in that test. Deal with it. No, that was not an invitation to shock the boss with the flash capacitor of that broken digital camera on the shelf.

In terms of voltages, there were no surprises there either. The heat has made voltage regulation get a bit worse, but not enough to really bother me. 12 volts is now outside 1% by a little bit, 5V is now just outside 2%, and the 3.3V rail has barely changed at all. I'm actually quite impressed to see this from such a cheap low powered unit.

And the crossload tests? Nothing's changed there. Group design, rails gone wacky, yadda yadda yadda. Normal for such a unit. Let's look at some scope shots.

Oscilloscope Measurements - Corsair CX430V2
Test #

Are you all googly-eyed right now? I am. I mean, cheap power supply with above average regulation, something has to give somewhere. But ripple suppression isn't what's giving on this unit. Ripple suppression is, in fact, better than many more expensive units I could name. I mean, look at that - it's under 25mV on all major rails. That's awesome!

Sigh... put down the soldering iron. You're not Christopher Walken, and the cops are still out there. They're playing a game on the demo system by the door. Your boss is watching them, tapping his foot. I guess it's closing time. Will me taking a power supply apart defuse your urge to kill? Let's go to the next page and see.

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