Reviews - Seasonic X-560 560W
Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-04-2010)

Page 3 - Hot Testing

Ah, there's that test I misplaced. Now, the overshoot transient tests, where I go looking for those pesky power on spikes present in all SMPS designs.

Overshoot Transient Testing - Seasonic X-560
VSB to Full, 12V
Off to Full, 12V

To my surprise, this unit took a bit of a step backwards on the 5VSB rail. The very first X series units had a little bit of trouble there, allowing the fully loaded 5VSB rail to hit the ATX spec of 5.5V very briefly before the voltage settled down to more normal levels for the long haul. My recent X series samples have largely fixed this issue, but it seems to have returned just a bit in this one. Strange. Ah well - it's in spec, so no points come off the score.

What is not strange is the absolutely awesome waveform the 12V rail's giving us at full power. There's no spike at all... it just goes up to final operating voltage and holds it there.

Now, let's go back to the progressive and crossload tests, and do those again. This time with the unit locked inside the hot box.

Results from Seasonic X-560 HOT load tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. Intake/
Progressive load tests
1 1A 1A 8A 111.1W/
86.7% 27°C/
3.37V 5.01V 12.23V
2 2A 2A 17A 231.6W/
89.3% 31°C/
3.36V 5.00V 12.20V
3 3A 3A 25A 339.7W/
90.1% 36°C/
3.35V 4.99V 12.19V
4 4A 4A 34A 459.1W/
89.7% 40°C/
3.34V 4.98V 12.16V
5 5A 5A 42A 568.6W/
88.9% 44°C/
3.32V 4.97V 12.14V
Crossload tests
CL1 15A 15A 0A 129.1W/
81.7% 33°C/
3.32V 4.96V 12.23V
CL2 0A 0A 46A 563.3W/
89.3% 42°C/
3.34V 4.99V 12.14V

Ok... this has to be a first here at Not only does this unit not care about the hot box, this unit gave me the exact same voltage readings as it did cold for almost every single test. Seriously, I can't remember the last time this happened. The 3.3V rail and the 5V rail were so solid that every number I got in the hot box progressive tests matched up exactly with the corresponding cold test. The heavy 3.3V/5V crossload test was the only thing that got either rail to budge, and even then it only moved the 5V rail down by 0.01V compared to the cold test. That's... amazing. Even the 12V rail did its best to stick to its cold numbers, again moving only 0.01V on any one test.

Where's my lower jaw? Oh, there it is... on the floor.

Efficiency-wise, there are relatively few surprises there. The unit handed in Gold again, with a little bit of a drop by test five thanks to all the heat building up in the box. But even so, that fan was able to handle 44 degree weather without making a pest of itself. I saw it start up on test three, at about the same time it turned on in the cold tests.

Oscilloscope Measurements - Seasonic X-560
Test #

Oops, there goes my jaw again. Wow. 26mV for all three main rails, and that's the worst this unit has to offer. I'm starting to think the X series platform is at its best down at 560 watts. This unit is really something else.

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