Reviews - Antec CP-850 850W
Sample Provided by: Antec (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Mar-29-2009)

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Antec would like you to know the CPX was their idea. Just in case you were thinking about opening it up or something, and thought maybe... oh, say, Toyota had a hand in it. This here piece of plastic is actually an airflow deflector, there to be sure the fannage goes where it's supposed to.

This is the first thing you see when you take the cover off. Kind of hard to see anything from this angle, isn't it? Don't worry, I'll take it apart as far as I need to. The OEM, as if it's any surprise by now, is Delta Electronics.

PWM fan by Protechnic. Uh-ohhhhhh, it's magic.

Looks like a magic fan gets magic blue threadlocker on the mounting screws.

Once again, it appears that Delta has Adrian Monk overseeing the quality control of the soldering. Flawless.

Wow - that's a lot of guts. It was about this point that I realized something, and was absolutely stunned by that realization - this is not the Signature design. If anything, it looks like someone took an Earthwatts 650W and gave it a steady diet of HGH, steroids, and protein supplements.

Here's the modular connector panel. Very clean.

This is the primary side. Three big main filter capacitors from Samxon can be seen at the bottom of the pic. That big coil over there in the foreground on the transient filter board is the PFC coil.

Here's a better look at the transient filter PCB. The filter itself consists of three coils, two X capacitors, four Y capacitors, and a MOV. The bridge rectifier is a D25XB60.

This is the fan control and protection PCB. As you can see, it is marked for potentiometers that were not installed. The PWM fan controller centers on a MC1455P1 timer.

Secondary side capacitors consist of Nichicon, Ltec, Taicon, Rubycon, and Aishi (gesundheit!) parts.

The daughterboard sticking up between the heatsinks has the PWM controller, a UC3845B. Primary topology appears to be active clamp single forward, but I could be wrong. I'm being blinded by all the awesome I'm seeing.

A better shot of that daughterboard.

I hear some of you asking why there are no heatsink pics. Well, it's because a unit this big also means enough space to ID the parts without pulling heatsinks. So, here they are.

Primary: two 20N60C3's for switchers, another two 20N60C3's and a diode for PFC.

Secondary: three STPS30L45CT's for each of the 3.3V and 5V rails. One is the rectifier while two are freewheelers. The 12V gets four S60SC6M's, two freewheelers and two rectifiers. 120A limit. Seriously. This thing is so overbuilt, it's scary. Who do they have working at Delta anyway, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor? Doc Brown perhaps? No wonder ripple was so low - these parts weren't even breathing hard at full power.

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