Reviews - Coolermaster Silent Pro M600
Sample Provided by: Cooler Master (By OklahomaWolf on Fri, Feb-06-2009)

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Still smarting from my paper cut, I decided to open up a can of whupass on the Coolermaster with some more assistance from Mr. Fuji. Here's what we found inside:

First, some fan shots. Turns out the fan is a Young Lin Tech 135mm affair.

The underside of the main PCB shows us some soldering that could be better, but could also be worse. That little SMD chip in the center is the PWM/PFC controller, a CM6806A.

It's looking pretty cramped here as far as the innards go. In the bottom left corner is the transient filter, which bears a MOV, two X capacitors, two Y capacitors, and two coils. But that's not the end of it, for...

the AC receptacle area holds two more X capacitors and two more Y capacitors. Why, this is more over the top than the last time I made a Family Guy reference completely irrelevant to the job at hand.

Here's the other end of the unit. Still pretty hard to see anything with those heatsinks in the way, so I'd best pull them out of there for you.

The modular cable PCB turned out to be interesting mainly because you can see two places for additional connectors. What was also interesting was the fact that I had to peel that gigantic sticker off the back to get this thing unscrewed. No, wait, I don't think "interesting" is the right word here. Oh yeah, "annoying" is the one I'm looking for.

Looks much cleaner now with the sinks out, no? Those two blue thermistors provide fan control and overtemp protection for the unit. So, it'll shut down if it thinks it's too hot. In the foreground, you can also see the two big coils that signify group regulation. The little one in the middle of the picture filters the 3.3V, while the big one does both the 12V and 5V. The IC in the bottom left corner is a PS223 for protection duties.

One... two. Two Japanese made capacitors. And they're both on the primary side, made by Nippon Chemi-Con.

The rest of the unit's caps are by Teapo, as you can see here.

Well, it seems the box was right - there's copper in this here power supply. That's the secondary heatsink in the picture above. Three 40CPQ060's for the 12V, with one STPS60L45CW each for the 3.3V and 5V. Interestingly enough, the PCB had space for one more 12V part.

The primary heatsink has the copper treatment too. The bridge rectifier is a BU1506. PFC is done with a pair of W20NM50's and a diode, while the main switchers are P14NK50Z's in double forward.

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