Reviews - Antec Earthwatts EA650 650W
Sample Provided by: Antec (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Sep-28-2008)

Page 3 -

As is the norm for me, page three of the review is dedicated to making absolutely sure the warranty goes bye-bye.

First, a look at the fan, an Adda AD1212HB.

With the cover off, we can see the hallmark of an indy regulated unit, namely those three filter coils on the left side of the picture. Over on the right, we can see the two Samxon primary capacitors below the big PFC coil. The PFC coil is in turn located below a D25XB60 bridge rectifier attached to a heatsink, good for 25A.

As was the case with the Signature 850W, the soldering in this unit is a breath of fresh air. I'll go so far as to say I've never met one as easy to desolder.

The transient filter, located toward the bottom left of this picture (as well as some parts mounted to the AC receptacle), is well supplied on this unit. Three X capacitors, two coils, and six Y capacitors.

Another look at the bridge rectifier and it's heatsink, as well as the primary side of the unit.

The capacitor compliment on this unit was a real grab bag of parts. It was like Delta took a big box full of random capacitors and picked some out as needed. Aside from Samxon, we also get Rubycon, Ltec, Taicon, and Nippon Chemi-Con represented in here.

However, I'm not worried about cap quality in here. Why not? Well, Rubycon, Samxon, and Nippon Chemi-Con are all recognized good quality names for SMPS use. The two others are the unknowns, and they are not found on the critical areas with the exception of one Taicon on the 12V (12V output filtering was done with the Chemi-Con parts), and an Ltec on the 5V.

At the bottom of the above picture, we see the fan controller and OCP daughterboard, which uses LM358N and LM339AN parts. The daughterboard a little further up in the picture contains the PWM and PFC controllers. I'll give you a close-up here:

The controller card holds an LM393N, along with a UC3845B PWM controller and an Infineon ICE1PCS02 which does the PFC duties.

At the top of this picture we have the primary heatsink. Two 20N60C3's in double forward config handle the switching duties, while two more 20N60C3's along with a diode take care of the PFC.

On the bottom is the secondary heatsink. We have two S60SC6M's for the 12V, adding up to a theoretical 120A of current capacity. Next to them is an L7912CV with 1.5A of capacity for the -12V. Moving to the other side are two STPS40L45CW's - one for the 5V and the other for the 3.3V. 40A theoretical limit each, there.

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