Reviews - Pico PSU Round Up
Sample Provided by: Logic Supply (By jonny on Wed, Nov-10-2010)

Page 2 - Our three power bricks

Now let's have a look at some of our power bricks. These also came from Logic Supply:

The first one is from a company called "EDAC". It is a 102W PSU that puts out +12VDC. The current price of this power brick is $37.

Interestingly enough, this one has a small fan pulling air through the unit.

The label shows us that EDAC makes this power supply available with a wide range of DC voltage outputs; all of which are capable of up to 8.5A.




Max Power


We have another 12V EDAC power supply here. This one is a 120W. It doesn't have a fan, but it is considerably larger than the 102W EDAC above.

Here are the two EDAC power supplies next to each other for size comparison:

The label on this unit states that it does up to 12.5A of +12V:




Max Power


Unfortunately, this was the biggest +12V power supply I could get from Logic Supply. +12V power bricks aren't easy to come by, so one would have to be pretty creative with getting 200W of power to maximize the capability of the PicoPSU PW-200-M. All I can say is that the 200W unit better perform pretty darn good up to 120W for it to score well, since we can't push it to it's supposed rated capability.

The next power brick is a 19V notebook adapter from Fortron Source, or "FSP", capable of up to 120W. Logic Supply is currently selling this unit for $29. That's considerably cheaper than the EDAC units, but 19V power bricks are far more common because most notebook computers run off of 19V. Unfortunately, most DC to DC ATX power supplies, like most of the PicoPSU's, run off of +12V. Out of the four PicoPSU's we're reviewing today, we'll only be able to use this FSP power brick on two of them.

Here's a close up of the label:

We'll be using this PSU on all but the PicoPSU 120 and the PW-200-M since those power supplies only handle +12V input.




Max Power


Now onto the part you've all been waiting for... the load tests!

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