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Sample Provided by: Hiper (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-26-2008)

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Greetings again, dear readers. I'm just going to go ahead and get the obvious corny joke out of the way straight off: I'm feeling twice as hyper than usual today. And it's not only from the gallon of caffeinated drinks I've had thus far today.

Today, I'm looking at a double shot of the top of the line offerings from the Hiper Group's power supply lineup, the Type R Mark II 880W and the Type M 880W. These units are based on the same 880W design I was told, and since I was given the chance at the second unit due to the platform being revised to correct known ripple issues in my original sample, I figured why not write one huge article on them both. That way, we can see what about the design was changed for ourselves.

Therefore, I'm going to go about writing this article a little differently than usual. First, I'll try to get the exterior pictures of both, and make them share this page. Then, I'll run a complete set of load tests including hot box and ripple tests for each model on pages two and three, starting with the older revision - the Type R II. Page four will carry the usual dismemberment pictures, and page five will feature two sets of conclusions, one for each model, using the load test results for the newer revision as a basis for both units since the old revision has now been discontinued.

Now, if you're all ready, we'll begin with a shot of - surprise - boxes.

But these are not ordinary boxes. Well, ok, one is. The box on the left is for the Type M 880W, revision 2. Made of recycled paper, it isn't really anything special, is it? The box on the right, however... that's a fancy plastic toolbox. Man, we haven't even gotten past five paragraphs and already the Type R is trying to pull ahead of its twin brother. My first thought was, being the older revision, it felt threatened or something and jumped into a toolbox to try and make me score it better, but no - these really do come in toolboxes. Dude, that is like so cool. PATENTED Design. I wonder if that refers to the PSU, the label, the pictures on the label, or the toolbox.

Flipping open the two boxes, the Type M shows me a drab user guide printed on plain old folded white paper. Boring. The Type R II again tries to win my vote with a good look at a multi page owner's manual printed in enough languages to make the United Nations proud, a fancy bag full of Hiper's extender cables, and a baggie full of case badges and screws. All this nestled into the black upper tray of the way cool toolbox. Hey, Mr. Type M, where're your cool case badges at?

Oh. There they are, taped behind the flap. Let's get these boxes unpacked now, shall we?

Things are starting to even out now that the Type R II doesn't have that fancy toolbox to try and sway my opinion. But still, the mirrored blue finish on the Type R II is doing a good job at out-blinging the elegant matte black finish on the Type M. While the R II carries its extenders in a fancy zippered purple and black bag, the M makes do with a plain old Ziploc style baggie. Power cables for both are hefty 16 gauge affairs I am glad to see coming with supplies this powerful.

Let's take a look at that toolbox a little closer.

A closer look at the front of the toolbox. Why, those almost look like USB ports over there on the far right. Interesting.

And here's our features list for the Type R II. Since the whole thing is pretty much readable, I'll make you squint at the picture to get the bullet points. But, according to point number one, I did in fact see USB ports in that last picture - a total of eight of them plus one for charging. And the picture shows us where on the PSU these are located. Very cool.

But gold plated connectors? That's not only not necessary, it's a little bit of a sticking point for me. See, like that Coolmax CUG-700B I reviewed a while back, while these gold plated connectors might be nice to look at not to mention being a nifty marketing bullet point, the things these connectors will be plugged into will most likely not have gold plated connectors. Different metals tend to react with each other - this could increase resistance over time in the connector. While this is nothing one needs to worry about over the length of time one is likely to have this unit in service (I'm talking decades here), it's still something that irritates me a bit, what with decreasing reliability (even if it's only a tiny decrease) just to gain a marketing bullet point. But this is all a great big nitpick on my part.

That mesh body bullet point gives me some cause for concern as well. See, while air can get out the sides that way, air also cannot exhaust from the rear properly that way. Which means that any heat the PSU produces will be pushed in part back into the computer case. We saw this problem in detail in my review of the Type M 580W a while ago. I'm hoping to find that the issue is less prevalent in these units, as more power flowing often equals more heat being produced. A lot will depend on efficiency... we'll see how these do in that regard on pages two and three.

Unfortunately, these models are not modular in the traditional sense, as past Hiper models have been. Like the Type M 580W, these rely on extenders to increase functionality. And I know why they're doing this. Some company out there has been suing other companies for going modular. And to them I say, "NO! NO! STOP IT! BAD! We do THAT outside!"

Second verse, same as the first. With the exception of the USB port madness and blue LED fan that is. Hooray for recycled paper!

And now, the two Hiper 880W units pose for your adoration.

As you can see, the USB hub of the Type R II takes up pretty close to half the back panel. The Type M has nothing but a lonely expanse of black there.

In a rather pleasant organizational detail, Hiper has grouped the cables together using individual grommets and holes in the front of the enclosure, using two piece aluminum plates bolted to the PSU body to keep the wires separate. Slick. The cables are grouped thusly: ATX cable on the far left, EPS 12V and ATX 12V cables, three 5.25" Molex cables for use with the extenders, two SATA cables with two connectors on them each, and finally two cables each with an eight pin and a six pin PCI-E connector.

Mr. Fuji said I had to show you all what the finish on the Type R II looks like up close. You can see my Hiper poster in it. Or use it as a shaving mirror if you wish.

One black, one blue. Man, that chromed up fan on the R II even looks tacky from here.

Bling bling, fo' shizzle. Yo yo, where ma spinnaz at, homez?

This is, as the toolbox claimed, an LED fan. The blue LEDs shine forth and are reflected by the chrome, I presume, making the Type R II even more gaudy looking than it is with the power off. But you know what? I kind of like gaudy.

I hear some of you wondering just how you're supposed to read them there labels with me posing the two this way. To this I say... I got pictures of both labels. And here they are, followed by a single table due to the fact that the specs are completely identical.

Hiper @ 880W

















Max Combined Watts







My first thoughts about this table are, that seems a bit low - 768W or 62A combined for the 12V. That's only about 2A more than the admittedly underrated Corsair TX750, but right in line with the NorthQ 850W I reviewed not long ago. And, the numbers all seem to add up, so we'll let the load tester have at it and see what's happening.

The label lists a peak rating of 1040W as well. You all know what I think about peak ratings, don't you? I don't like 'em. They're almost always numbers you can't attain for any meaningful length of time in normal use. So, I'll only go as far as 880W in this review.

A good old tentacle shot shows us the well sleeved cabling of the two Hiper units. The sleeving is a straight black affair that goes right up into the PSU body itself. On the Type R II, only the super long USB header cable is not sleeved. On the Type M, no cable is left unsleeved.

Speaking of cables, on to the cable table and a picture of the extenders.

Type of connector: Hiper @ 880W
ATX connector (580mm) 24 pin
8-pin Xeon/EPS connector (580mm) 1
2 x 2 12V connectors (580mm) 1
2 x 4 PCIe (450mm & 520mm) 2
2 x 3 PCIe (+50mm) 2
5.25" Drive connectors (320mm, 440mm, 630mm) 3
SATA Drive power connectors (480mm+150mm) 4
USB Header (650mm) 1*


3.5" Drive connectors (single connector cable) (150mm) 2**
5.25" Drive connectors (single connector cable) (150mm) 4**
2 x 4 PCIe to 2 x 3 PCIe Adaptor (70mm) 2

*Type R II model only
**Uses 5.25" Molex pass through type connectors on one end

In case you're wondering why this picture is underexposed, my old camera came in and made such a fuss about being ousted by Mr. Fuji I decided to let it take the remaining shots for this page. The truth is, these shots predate the new camera.

What we have here is the extender compliment for the Type R II. The Type M features the exact same ones, so I didn't get a separate picture.

This here is the USB header connector for the Type R II. I guess you didn't really need me to tell you that, though, what with the big "USB" printed on there in big white letters. Why yes, my new nickname is "Captain Obvious," thank you.

And now, let us proceed with the cooking of the two Hipers. See you on the next page.


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