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Sample Provided by: CoolMax USA (By Oklahoma Wolf on Sun, Sep-16-2007)

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     The quest for a more efficient, environment friendly power supply continues today here at Recently, we reviewed a new "Green Power" unit from Coolmax, the CUG-700B. We now continue our look at this new line from Coolmax by examining the 700B's little brother, the CP-500T. Will it deliver the high AC to DC conversion efficiency we found with its big brother? Will it deliver stable power? Will it perform quietly? Will it explode like the last one? Join me as I dive once more into the ocean of mystery that is the Coolmax Green Power line.

     Before anything else, I took a good long look at the pretty shiny box first. Just look at that box - doesn't it make you just want to keep it on a shelf somewhere and look at it for hours? Nah, me neither. But I did look at it long enough to note some observations. Silent fan... hooray! RoHS compliant... hooray! PCI Express... hooray! Cable sleeving... hooray! ATX... hooray! Wait a minute, isn't bragging ATX compatibility going just a little overboard?

     As we turn the box around, we get a good long look at what's not in this box, just like the box of the CUG-700B. And, just as in that review, I ran out of patience just between the first and second words. Let's go around to the back and see what Coolmax promises from this unit.

     Since this picture shows up the bullet points pretty well, I'm going to sloth it up and make you squint at it for a while rather than reprint all the information in this paragraph. Like the CUG-700B's box, everything is presented in a pretty clear and straightforward way. We have features, connector compliment, and a little picture of the PSU we're going to find in the box. What we don't see is the promise of "super high efficiendy" that was on the box of the bigger unit. Interesting... I can't wait to see the efficiency results in the load tests. We also see the unit's specifications presented in a nice clear format, so I'm going to just put together the table now.

Coolmax CP-500T +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V -5V +5VSB
30A 30A 16A 18A 0.3A N/A 2.5A
Max Combined Watts 155W 400W 3.6W N/A 12.5W

     Nothing really to write home about here. These specs are pretty common for the majority of dual 12V power supplies around this power level. However, you will recall that this unit's big brother did not meet its full power specs without launching a capacitor into the afterlife. I was anxious to find out if this unit would do any better. But first, it'll need to be unpacked first.

     Before moving along to the actual power supply, here we see a picture of yet another well done owner's manual, power cable, and a bag with some mounting screws. The screws and power cord were actually contained in a smaller shiny black box within the larger box. Coolmax sure likes them some boxes, don't they?

     Ah, there's the show we came to see. The specs are the same as we found on the box earlier. The UL file number, e308604, comes back as Coolmax's own. Just like the CUG-700B, I would find no clues to the OEM's identity this way.

     With the camera flash on, we see that this unit is done in a sturdy matte black finish that I rather do like. Opposite the label, a huge logo with Coolmax's name below is stamped into the metal. Nice. Except, in most cases the fan is facing down. So, that lovely stamped Coolmax logo will be facing away from any windows.

     Just like big brother, this unit boasts a 120mm downward facing fan.

     The two holes you see here are the only two in the case other than the fan, wiring, and exhaust openings. I can't say I'm feeling optimistic about the unit being able to handle hotspots well at this point in time. While we're looking at the cabling, let's pull out a tape measure and see what the lengths are. Unlike the review of big brother, I am actually going to measure them this time, rather than rely on the owner's manual. Which, as it turns out, was wrong anyway. But first, I hear some of you wondering how much of the cabling is actually sleeved. To this, I respond "ATX mainboard cable only." Looks like it's Coolmax's turn to be lazy on this one.

Type of connector: Coolmax CP-500T
ATX connector (480mm) 20+4 pin
2 x 2 12V connectors (480mm) 1*
2 x 3 PCIe (480mm) 2
8-pin Xeon/EPS connector (480mm) 1*
6-pin Xeon/AUX connector 0
5.25" Drive connectors (470mm + 150mm + 150mm) 6
3.5" Drive connectors (+150mm) 2
SATA Drive power connectors (480mm + 150mm + 150mm) 3
Fan only connectors (thermostatically controlled 12V only) 0

*8 pin EPS connector splits apart

     It should also mentioned at this point that the cabling on some of the 5.25" cables was a little... strained. That is, the red wires, when pulled tight, revealed slack in other wires, particularly the yellow 12V wires. Sloppy, sloppy, Coolmaxey.

     Well, so far we have a good looking but ho-hum lower powered Green Power. Let's get the unit into the load tester and see if we can make things more exciting, shall we?


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