Reviews - Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 750W
Sample Provided by: Thermaltake (By jonny on Wed, Sep-06-2006)

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According to the box, this power supply can make car's headlights work. Ok.. Maybe not.

The Toughpower 750W is likely Thermaltake's "flagship" PSU. It features truly independent rails, uses "industrial grade" components and claims to be up to 85% efficient. Today, we're going to find out how it holds up to being beat on by a SunMoon load tester.

Above, the back of the box tells us that the PSU has a 140MM fan. Below, we can see the 140MM fan for ourselves. The largest fan used in a power supply. Larger fans are ideal because they can move the same CFM as a smaller fan, but with lower noise.

Above we can see that inside our big box, is two smaller boxes and the power supply itself. The smaller boxes contain the power cord, screws and manual in one, and all of the modular cables in the other.

Stamping the grill out of the PSU housing certainly doesn't help this PSU not look cheap. A grill would do wonders for the appearance of this power supply. But with the gloss black paint and total lack of bling, it's clear that this PSU is supposed to be the antithesis of Thermaltake's typical power supply product: All bling and no performance.

Above, we can see that Toughpower is "the independent voltage output."

Below, all of the modular cables that come with the Toughpower are lined up on my desk.

Oddly enough, the second of the two fixed cables on the Toughpower 750W is not a +12V for ATX12V or EPS12V, but is a PCI-e connector. Both the fixed ATX main power connector and PCI-e connector are on the same rail. There are two PCI-e connectors on the Toughpower 750W other than this fixed one, and these two connectors are on their own 12V rail. The manual states if you are using high end SLI/Crossfire that you should use the two modular PCI-e cables. So I'm not really certain what purpose this fixed PCI-e serves.

Above is a shot of the modular interface. The top connector is what the 4-pin or 8-pin ATX12V or EPS12V power connector cables plug into. The two red six pins are for the PCI-e connectors. The bottom four connectors are for the peripheral Molexes and SATA connectors.

Now let's do a cable count...

Type of connector: Toughpower 750W
ATX connector 20+4
2 x 2 12V connectors 1
2 x 3 PCIe 3
8-pin Xeon/EPS connector 1*
6-pin Xeon/AUX connector 0
5.25" Drive connectors 8
3.5" Drive connectors 2
SATA Drive power connectors 6
Fan only connectors (thermostatically controlled 12V only) 0
* The 8-pin EPS+12V split in two, creating the 4-pin P4 connector.

Now we're going to look at the rails of the Toughpower 750W. All four 12V rails are capable of 18A each, but nowhere on the label does it say the capability of the combined 12V rails. I couldn't find this on the box, any of the other reviews of this power supply, nor could I find it at any of the e-tailer's websites.... then I got to page 17 of the manual and found this:

Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
+3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3
-12V +5VSB
28A 30A 18A 18A 18A 18A 0.8A 3A
Max Combined Watts 180W 720W 9.6W 15W


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