Reviews - PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W Crossfire Edition
Sample Provided by: PC Power & Cooling (By jonny on Tue, Aug-14-2007)

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The "Silencer" series of power supplies from PC Power & Cooling is a less expensive, quieter alternative to PC Power & Cooling's flagship "Turbo Cool" product line.

Today, I will be having a look at the Silencer 750W.  Most specifically, the red "Crossfire Edition" Silencer 750W.

My Silencer came in a large PC Power & Cooling branded box.

A 2Pak sighting!

Unlike the Turbo-Cool 1000W power supply, The Silencer is in a box inside a box.  The Turbo-Cool 1000W actually shipped in its box.

A sticker on the side of the box tells us which specific Silencer we've received.

Other Silencer units would say "750 Quad/Black" or "750 Quad/Copper."

The print on the sides of the box makes mention of SLI Certification, but the unit's Crossfire certification is only made mention by a small sticker on one side.

Normally, an Nvidia SLI logo sticker resides to the right of the bullet points.

Inside, we find everything packed very well and practically impervious to damage.

The first thing we see in the box is our manual.  The manual has instructions for removal of the old power supply....

...and installation of the new one.  The manual also shows us what voltages goes to what wires.

On the back of the manual is the PC Power & Cooling 5 year warranty.

As with the Turbo-Cool power supplies, the Silencer can come with a print out from the Chroma test equipment used to test the power supply at the facility prior to shipping.  The big difference here with the Silencer is that you have to pay an additional $20 for a test report for a Silencer.  My opinion?  Don't bother.  If it extended the warranty from 3 to 5 years in addition (You hearing me PC Power?) that would be one thing.  But once the power supply is in production, you're going to find it's either going to work or not (every unit has a certain percentage of failures.)  The test report is just a snap shot of what the power supply is capable of doing and the unit already has to pass a 6-point performance test prior to shipping, so the report really offers nothing more than... well... I haven't figured that out yet. 

Under all of the documentation is our power cord and a bag of mounting screws.

Finally, we uncover our Silencer 750W Crossfire Edition power supply.  The unit is wrapped in a plastic bag and the cables are all kept neat with a natural colored rubber band (also known as a "gumband" in Pittsburgh and some parts of Australia.)

The back side of the Silencer 750W has an 80MM exhaust fan, our AC input socket and an on/off switch.

The flash makes the unit look a little orange, but the power supply is actually quite red.  If you've ever seen the painted red parts of a 2900TX card, trust me it's a match.


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