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Sample Provided by: Rosewill (By madmat on Thu, Aug-09-2007)

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Rosewill recently introduced their Xtreme line of PSU's. They come in four different flavors which are largely just different variations upon a theme (or base if you prefer). There's two 750W versions, one with a single 135mm fan in the bottom and another with dual 80mm fan, one on each end. There's also a pair of 850W units that are like the 750W versions in that they're only difference is the fans. All four feature LED fans for a bit more bling.

Since they're all basically the same I'm testing two of them, the RX750-S-B which is the 750W single 135mm fan version and the RX850-D-B which is the 850W dual 80mm fan version. My reasoning is that having two pairs of identical performance tables is just a bit too redundant since the only real difference between each variation is the size of the casing and the noise at full load.


Opening the boxes reveals that the units share the same basic packaging along with their other similarities. The boxes are pretty simple as illustrated by the opening shot... they're basic black (so slimming) with large gold Xtreme branding on them. The backs of the boxes carry the PSU model numbers but aside from that there's not a whole lot to differentiate them from one another. Inside the boxes we find the PSU's in large expanded medium density foam clamshells. The cables are in a secondary box next to the foam cradle. It's not really a big deal but it does make for a very neat look when you open the box. Also boxed up with the cables is the power cord and the cables are held together with a single velcro wrap. That's it as far as extras go. There's no cache of tie wraps or zip ties, heck, there aren't even any screws. What there is is a very suave looking PSU finished in a nice black plated metallic topped of with a grill or set of grills finished in the same dark metallic. The cables are long and sleeved all the way down to the last connector on the cables with more than a single connector.

Also in the box is a manual. This manual is the most complete PSU manual I've ever run across. The only information about these PSU's (it covers all four variants) not in the manual is the rail distribution. It does state that it's in the manual in a certain section but it's not... obviously, someone fell asleep at the switch. Happily the wires are color coded and fairly easily visible in the units once they're split open so I can list them with (reasonable) certainty.

Speaking of the cables, I'll just get those out of the way real quick:

Type of connector: Rosewill RX Series
ATX connector 20+4
2 x 2 4-pin 12V connectors 1
2 x 4 8-pin Xeon/EPS connector 1
6-pin Xeon/AUX connector 0
2 x 3 PCIe 4
2 x 4 PCIe 0
5.25" Drive connectors 6
3.5" Drive connectors 2
SATA Drive power connectors 6
Fan only connectors (thermostatically controlled 12V only) 0

Bear in mind that this applies to all four PSU's in the Rosewill Extreme family.

The cables come nicely sleeved which is a pretty decent touch for a 750W that starts at $154 and an 850W that checks in at $30 more (or so).

Rosewill RX850-D-B +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
Peak Output 24A 30A 20A 20A 20A 20A 0.5A 3.0A
Max Combined Watts 170W 768W 6W 15W
829W 21W

The 850 tips the scales with a moderately powerful 3.3V and 5V section but the 12V rails really pound it out with the biggest percentage of the power coming from them. A full 768W capability if the claims are true.

Rosewill RX750-S-B +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
Peak Output 24A 30A 20A 20A 20A 20A 0.5A 3.0A
Max Combined Watts 170W 720W 6W 15W
729W 21W

The 750W follows in the same vein with the same exact power rating on the 3.3V & 5V rails. The 12V rails take a slight hit at a reduction of 4A total for 720W and the overall power drops to 750W. This means you've got 9W of usable power from the 3.3V and 5V rails if you load all the other rails up to their theoretical maximums. I didn't run the 5VSB at a full 15W so I was able to pull a bit more from the other rails but I'm getting ahead of myself... You'll have to read on to see how things panned out.

Looking at the model number for the 850 we see the letters D-B following the RX850. The "D" denotes dual and in this case means it has dual 80mm fans. One in the front pushing and another in the rear pulling.

The S-B on the 750-S-B instead denotes the use of a single 135mm fan in the bottom of the PSU and the rear is treated to some pimp looking plated mesh. I have always favored honeycomb rear grills since they present minimal restriction but this mesh is even better... it'll keep flies out of your PSU! ;-) Seriously though, it is very low restriction and even with the bars that it uses to attach still there I think it offers the lowest restriction I've seen to date... aside from the Ultra X-Finity 500W w/APFC, it uses basically the same setup. Ultra was first so ATNG (the OEM for these units) are following in their footsteps.

One thing that bothers me a wee bit about the single fan version is the vents in the front of the PSU. I mean, I fully understand why they're there. They let heat that can get trapped in the PSU escape but it's escaping into the case where it can end up being recycled by the PSU which is my whole beef with them. I suppose, though, that if you have a case with a blowhole mounted close to the PSU it'll scavenge the air coming from the vents. Which would be better than it just hanging up under the case roof.

Now, I did say that I figured out pretty much which rail powers what but since the 750W and 850W both are a bit different I'll cover it in greater detail when I get into the dissection later. For right now let's fire these puppies up and see what they'll do.


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