Reviews - EVGA 450BT 450W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-26-2018)

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Greetings again, folks. Today, as you can see, we are looking at yet another EVGA power supply. Yes, I know we just looked at one of theirs, but this is currently the only thing I have on the shelf right now thanks to several other units that never did show up when they were supposed to. Today's example of power supply engineering is the 450BT, which I can only assume means that it was built for Brian Transeau. I don't know what he'd want with a budget Bronze 450 watter, because he's a musical super genius who likely knows better than to buy budget hardware, but I suppose it could happen. But for now, all that's going to happen is us looking at the back of the box for the marketing.

According to what I see here, EVGA expects this unit to be good enough to take our systems to the next level. It expects to do this using 450 watts of continuous power, but also tells us that continuous power can only be given to us under thirty degrees Celsius. Again with the low numbers on budget models, eh? Just like the 700W N1 unit, this thirty degree number has no place in a decent system. It's better than the N1's 25 degree ludicrousness, but not by much.

Let's see what else is here. Complete protections? Not if overtemp is missing. Not that it did any good for the N1, did it? 2% voltage regulation? We'll see about that one. Stable power with low ripple and noise? We'll see about that one, too. Cables! Connectors! Fans! This power supply has some of those, and we'll be getting to know them as time goes by.

Inside the box, we find not a whole lot of things. A user guide, a power supply, a power cord, and some screws. The user guide isn't the worst, but far from the best, so I'll be scoring on that.

Here's the 450BT in all its bland glory. You get just a plain matte black box with this one.

And of course, not being modular, there are no connectors to look at in this shot.


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