Reviews - Corsair SF600 Platinum
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-05-2018)

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Not so long ago, we checked out Corsair's first entries into the SFX form factor with the original SF600. The idea was to take what Silverstone was doing and raise it to the next level of performance. As a result, that old SF600 was a force to be reckoned with, performing so well that I can't remember anything besting it since then. But progress doesn't stand still, does it? Some guy somewhere has a board with a nail in it. His neighbor decides to one up him, and comes up with a bigger board with a bigger nail in it. And that's when the guy across the street builds a board with a nail in it so big it will DESTROY US ALL!!! Or something like that.

That's why Corsair's looking to keep ahead of the curve by adding another version of the SF600 today. The old model was certified 80 Plus Gold, and this one is at Platinum. "But wait," you say, "the old Gold unit hit Platinum too, did it not?" Well... it did, but it just kind of squeaked its way in there. And my scoring system hasn't stood still, either... I'm even more demanding on these things now than ever. No, this industry doesn't stand still and it's up to Corsair to make sure they're on top of things.

Of course, a power supply just wouldn't be a power supply without the tangy zip of Miracle Whip. Er... no. Marketing, not Miracle Whip.

High performance, premium parts, and low noise in a small box are the key selling points of this unit, as you can see. This is to be expected, because this is exactly what we got from this unit's predecessor.

And the side of the box confronts us with more stuff that's expected, like full modularity for high end units, the good capacitors, and semi-fanless operation.

That last one is not in fact where you remove someone's appendix without a fan in the back of a parked semi, I was interested to find out.

Cables? Most power supplies have those, and this one is no exception. Looks like Corsair went with the least manageable option there and used individual wire sleeving. This looks great, but can be quite the functionality nightmare. And with SFX form factor cases, you kind of want these to be easy to manage.

I've had quite enough of the box for one day, so I went ahead and unpacked for you. We have a power supply in a bag, some cable ties, a bag of stuff, a warranty guide, a user guide, safety information booklet, an ATX adapter bracket, and some modular cables.

Documentation is not lacking on this unit.

Here's the contents of the bag of stuff, along with the ATX bracket. Corsair looks to have thrown in literally everything they could think of except a winning lottery ticket.


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