Reviews - NZXT E650 650W
Sample Provided by: NZXT (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-29-2018)

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Yes, peoples, NZXT is back in the lab again today. They sent me all three units of their new E series, and with two of them already reviewed it's time to clear the third off my plate.

This is the middle child of the line, and once again comes with all the same features that its bigger and smaller siblings boast. Again, we have 80 Plus Gold certification. Again, we have software functionality. I'm willing to bet money we have the same Seasonic platform inside the housing as well, so I don't want to hang around looking at the box for very long today.

I've touched on it briefly in the other reviews, but I just want to mention again that the CAM software this unit relies on is very nice. You get to control whether or not the unit runs as a single 12V unit or triple 12V, some control over the fan, and it does attempt to show you how much power is being put out. However, as with most units of this kind, the accuracy of these readings has been somewhat lacking. In this particular case, it also does not monitor incoming power on the line input. So, you don't get any efficiency calculations like you would find with the Thermaltake DPS, Corsair Link, or even the Coolermaster Masterwatt units. In other words, CAM is better than nothing but still somewhat limited compared to competing units.

Therefore, as was the case with the last E series unit I reviewed, I will not be dealing with the software in this review other than to give you fan speed information with the fan controller running in silent mode. We've literally already seen all we need to see of the software back when I reviewed the E850.

Of course, there's more marketing than just what's on the back of the box. Here's some more, telling us absolutely nothing we didn't already know from the other two reviews. Protection, fanless mode, CAM software... none of this is a surprise to me at all.

We might as well start unpacking, which again shows us nothing surprising. The 650W model is packaged the exact same way as the other two, with the exact same manual. It's a decent manual, just like it was the last two times I saw it.

Unpacking the modular cable bag, we find an array of modular cables, the mini USB to motherboard cable needed for the software, a power cord, and some screws. This series still seems a mite light on accessories to me.


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