Reviews - EVGA 650GM 650W SFX
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-22-2018)

Page 1 - Marketing and First Look

There are a few things I thought I would never see during the eleven or so years of time I've been doing this. One, I never thought we'd lose Prince, David Bowie, Prince Be from PM Dawn, and George Michael all in the same year. Two, legal recreational cannabis throughout Canada by the time I turned forty-five. Three, something called "Bitcoin" would show up and give me, at long last, a way to pay for a novel writing career I was quickly giving up hope on ever achieving. And finally, I never thought I would see a large push from manufacturers to bring high quality power supplies to the SFX form factor. In this crazy, insane, unpredictable world we all share; it's important for us to find any small semblance of logic and meaning in...

Man, I really lost track of where I was going with that line. Sorry. Please excuse me, readers, but for the last few days or so the whole country's been like one big episode of Trailer Park Boys. I saw a guy in a bathrobe driving a lawn tractor down the street ten minutes ago yelling something about "becoming the liquor," chased by another guy dressed as Beetlejuice playing Summer of '69 on a zither. Let's try to ignore all that and look at EVGA's brand new entry into the SFX form factor market today. Worst case Ontario, we'll get two birds stoned at once and then it'll be all water under the fridge. We'll check out the 650W big boy of EVGA's new line of 80 Plus Gold SFX units today. How hard can it be? It's not rocket appliances.

Like all power supplies, EVGA does a little bit of a lot of marketing on the box. Here's the proof. Among the list of stuff being bragged about is tight 2% voltage regulation, full modularity, all Japanese capacitors, and complete protection features. All good stuff we like from a high end unit. The unit also claims to have a traditional double ball bearing fan, which is a mite unusual in the current climate where manufacturers are now trying to push sleeve bearing variants to longer life, but this is welcome to me. I spent so much time swapping out FDB and HDB fans in the mining room that I now have trouble trusting them at all.

Ball bearing fans, on the other hand, just seem to hold up. Even if they're not that silent. It's for the gooder of us all. And I love that seven year warranty.

Inside the box, I found a power supply, a user guide, some modular cables with velcro cable ties, an ATX adapter bracket, and a bag of accessories. The manual is as good as every other EVGA unit, but is curiously missing the full power temperature rating for this unit. But that's ok, it's available at the website. Since Corsair does that exact same thing, I won't score against it later.

There's not much inside the accessories bag, but you have to remember this unit comes with the cable ties already used to bundle the cables. We have one of those test connectors to allow the unit to turn on without a motherboard, as well as eight screws (so we can make full use of the adapter bracket).


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