Reviews - Mistel Vision MX650 Fanless 650W
Sample Provided by: Mistel (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-15-2018)

Page 1 - Marketing

Right away, we can see that Mistel has gone really fancy with the product box of today's review unit. It's all nice and shiny for those of us that like shiny things. This side of the box doesn't give much away, but at least we can see the name of the company and what can be found inside the box. Let me just spin it around, and perhaps we may find some marketing to talk about.

Ah, yes, there is some marketing here. We now know that this is an ATX form factor unit with specific dimensions, and we also have a small graphic as to what the unit looks like. We also find out that it is certified 80 Plus Platinum, boasts 1% or better voltage regulation, apparently has full protection features, and comes with a five year warranty. I would suggest that five years might be a wee bit short to compete in this part of the market, but you have to start somewhere when you first come to the power supply ball game, no?

At any rate, five years used to be standard for high end units, so I won't worry about it too much. What matters is if the electronics inside the box are good enough to make it that long. A unit built as well as we're used to seeing from these types of units? If they hold up for five years, they'll probably go for five more beyond that point.

We have more marketing elsewhere on the box, it turns out. Now, we see that there is RGB functionality built into it, capacitors from Japan, DC to DC design, and full modularity. Now I'm definitely getting the feeling Mistel wants to be taken seriously by enthusiasts like us. Let me just unpack so we can see what exactly is in this fancy looking box.

Inside the box, I found a power supply, modular cables, power cord, bag of accessories, and a user guide. Said user guide has all the basic info, but could probably use some work. Nonetheless, it does tell us that this is the top unit in a line of three fanless models, the others weighing in at 460 and 550 watts.

It also tells us that full power can be had up to forty degrees, which is nice to know for later. While I can't get my hot box quite as hot with the FastAuto load tester as I did with the two old SunMoon units, 650 watts is usually enough to get into spitting distance from what this unit is rated at.

Inside the bag of goodies, we find some screws including one extra, two zip ties, and a cable for the RGB functionality. Which, as it turns out, uses Asus' Aura Sync. There is no information about this at all in the manual, which leaves it up to you to figure out. So, I'll probably be scoring against the manual later.


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