Reviews - NZXT E500 500W
Sample Provided by: NZXT (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-24-2018)

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Let's have another look at NZXT's re-entry into the power supply world, shall we? We saw our first look at this series back at the end of August with the largest unit at the time, and now we're going to play with the smallest in the 500 watt model.

The front of the box once again doesn't reveal much about the unit inside, other than the whole "digital" thing under the model name. But once again, this unit is able to be interfaced with NZXT's CAM software, making it rather feature laden for a unit of this size. One hopes that this doesn't make the unit too expensive for its power level, but we'll determine that as we go along.

For now, we'll take a few more peeks at the box, because there is still some marketing to be found on it. It's much the same as we saw with the 850W model, of course, but it's here. The strong push once again is toward the software functionality side of things, but there are mentions of high reliability components, ten year warranties, and full modularity. All things we appreciate on our high end units.

That said, this high end unit remains at the 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification level, which does kind of take some of the shine off things when most high end units are still more efficient yet. It's not too big a deal to you and me, as we already know Gold and Platinum or Titanium really aren't that far apart to begin with, but a lot of consumers are going to see this and automatically assume better efficiency means better power supply.

And there's yet more marketing elsewhere on the box, though as boxes go NZXT has kept things understated for this series. Also very, very purple.

Software functionality is, of course, the first priority again here with things like stable power and fanless operation all playing second fiddle. As long as this unit does as well as big brother in testing, though, we'll be pretty happy. Remember, Seasonic is the OEM for these units so it'll be quite a shock if it performs anything less than insanely well.

Unpacking the box, we don't have much to see just yet. Power supply in a bag, a user guide, and a purple bag of stuff. The manual is exactly as good as the one we saw with the 850W. Nothing too special, but it does have all the right information.

Within the purple bag of stuff, I found... stuff. A power cord, some screws, and some modular cables. A bit light on the goodies for a high end unit, once again.


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