Reviews - Zalman Acrux 850W
Sample Provided by: Zalman (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-06-2018)

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Back in 2016, Zalman came to the jonnyGURU table with three units. Two of those did pretty okay for themselves, while the third did not so well. But now they're back with the Acrux series, so we'll find out pretty quick if Zalman has something else to add to the okay pile. Or perhaps, this will turn out to be something more memorable, capable of giving the leaders a real run for the money. Such is my hope for this unit.

Certainly, it seems to have all the right ingredients at first glance. 80 Plus Platinum, decent 7 year warranty, and claims of the good kinds of capacitors inside the box... yeah, I like the way this is starting. But there's more to a unit than just what the box tell us, so let's get this ball rolling.

Like all boxes, this one has some marketing to get through. It's repeated umpteen times in different languages on the back, so I just zoomed in on the English ones. There's nothing new to us about any of this, but I want to point out real quick that the count of the PCIe connectors is actually incorrect - this unit has six, not eight. That's no big deal, though... it would be on a 1kW unit, but at 850W six of them is plenty to get the job done.

I'm loving all the protection features listed. You can never be too safe with these things around your expensive hardware, which is why I still very much prefer multi-rail 12V designs. As long as they're properly distributed, of course.

The box also has load configurations for the entire Acrux line listed, in case you would like to have a peek at those.

Sorry, box, you've asked me to chat twice and I literally have no time right now... got a review to get done by Monday. Why don't you fan curve and high efficiency graphs chat with each other for a while?

Unpacking the box, we don't have a lot to look at right away. A user guide, a power supply, and a bag of stuff. The user guide isn't the best ever, but it's not too bad so I'll let Zalman keep that point later.

Let's unpack that big old bag. No, I'm not talking about delving into my mother in law's mental health issues, I'm talking about the Acrux accessories bag. I've never been married - not sure where you people got that idea from.

Inside the bag, we have a pile of ribboned modular cables, some zip ties, a power cord, and some screws.


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