Reviews - EVGA G1 Plus 750W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-30-2018)

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Back in early June, we looked at our first product in this new line of EVGA units, the 850 watt G1 Plus. It seems only fitting that we should take a look at another one in the line just to make sure we have a good handle on what these units can do for us, no?

So, we'll be checking out the 750 watt model today. While products across a line may well come from the same manufacturer, we can't always be sure that they all perform the same, can we?

Of course, like many power supplies this one comes packed in a cardboard box with a lot of features printed on the back. These appear to be the same as we saw with the bigger unit, as one might expect.

Included here are full modularity, high temperature operation, complete protections, FDB fan, DC to DC conversion topology, and regulation that's supposed to be inside 2%. All of these we've come to expect from mid-high grade units like this. What we have not come to expect is the inclusion of winning lottery tickets, and I don't know about you but that seems like a massively outrageous oversight to me. Let's fix that, EVGA.

I am not going to burn a lot of time going over the stuff on the box today. We've seen it all before, and most of the time it's about as original and interesting to me as the latest episode of the Simpsons. So, we're just going to unpack this box.

We have a power supply, a power cord, some modular cables, an excellent user guide, a power supply tester, some screws, a dual 3.5" adapter, and some cable ties. That would seem lacking in a high end model, but this is more than enough in the way of accessories for this midlevel unit.

The power supply itself looks a lot like big brother, but isn't quite as long. At 170mm, it's 10mm shallower. It won't set any power density records like Silverstone's been doing, but it may help a few of you out there who may find yourselves needing something just a bit more compact for a build.

Another angle shows you the modular connectors on this unit, as well as the fancy graphics on the side opposing the fan.


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