Reviews - Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 850W
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-21-2018)

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Are you primed for another primal look at the Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium series? We're in a prime location here today to look at these premium... ok, ok, I'll stop. Quit throwing batteries.

We've now looked at two of the four models in this series, and are now going to check out the third at 850 watts. While I confess these Seasonic units have become predictable in their awesomeness, it's not a bad idea to see how consistent the platform is. This is good because I had the whole range show up at my door, and still have one more model after this one to check out.

We've already seen all of this marketing before no less than three times over, so I'm not stopping here to mince words. It's a Seasonic. It's making bold promises. It's probably going to keep every one of them. Let's get on with the review, already.

This is your on-box spec table for the unit. Like all the other models, only specific to this unit.

As was the case with the other units in this range, the box is misprinted on this side. It gets the SATA 3.3 adapter, but forgets that there is no 3.5" Berg adapter inside the box. I don't care. Those connectors are way past their... prime.

Ow! Who throws a 12 volt lantern battery? Hell, where did you even find that battery? 1973?

As was the case with the other models, there's a pile of stuff inside the box. Two user guides, a flyer, a quick installation guide, a power cord, bag of goodies, bag of cables, and bag of power supply.

Documentation is good, as with the rest of the models.

The goodies. A ton of zip ties, some fancier cable ties, two case stickers, some screws, and an ATX self test adapter. Plug that adapter into the ATX cable, and it turns the unit on by shorting PS_ON to ground for testing purposes.


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