Reviews - Corsair RM750x 750W (2018)
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-07-2018)

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Greetings once again, good Internet peoples. As you can see from the picture above, we're looking at an updated version of something we've looked at before. Yes, folks, I've now been doing this reviewing stuff for so long that units I still thought were new to the market are in fact several years old and in need of freshening up. Corsair has apparently decided that today's RM750x is one such creature, though I can't remember finding fault with the last version.

Even so, I have this unit in front of me and I intend to review it. The changes, at first glance, seem minor. The housing looks shallower. The warranty is three years longer. And, uh, that's all I can see from comparing the fronts of the two boxes. We are still doing 80 Plus Gold on this unit, still rocking Japanese capacitors, still dealing with a semi-fanless fan controller, and still being promised high performance.

On the back of the box, the "not much different" story continues. The fan noise graph looks a little different, but pretty much everything else is letter for letter the same as the old model right down to the output specifications.

Of course, any good power supply comes with cables. You have to get power between the magic power conversion box and your components somehow, after all. There are minor differences in the connector counts here, but it looks like we're still doing the same mixture of sleeved and ribbon cables. The unit itself is still fully modular, of course. We've come to expect that on these mainstream performance units.

Quiet, efficient operation? Of course we expect that, too.

We further expect a bunch of stuff inside the box, and here it is now. A power supply in a bag, some modular cables in a bag, some accessories in a bag, a user guide, a warranty guide, and a power cord. Not to be confused with a power chord, which is what you get about ninety-two thousand times a second any time you hand Nuno Bettencourt something with strings on it.

The user guide is a thick volume of short stories that could strain any librarian's back, and not something that seems to be missing info. What info isn't there can be found on the site, so I won't score against it.

The accessories bag doesn't have many accessories, but enough to get the job done at this price point. Some zip ties, a case sticker, and some screws.


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