Reviews - Silverstone Strider Titanium 1500W
Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-19-2018)

Page 1 - Marketing

We've been looking at so many Titanium units lately, I've almost forgotten that other efficiency certifications exist. That being said, let's run another Titanium unit through the wringer so I can get these off my plate for a while. This time, we'll check out Silverstone's latest and greatest in the Strider series.

Like always, this box has marketing to talk about. Silverstone's thrown it right on the front of the box, so we can get right into it straight away. Top level efficiency. Japanese capacitors. Modular cables. Fifty degrees at full power. Single 12V output. Strict regulation. Quiet fan. Cables. None of this is anything we have not seen before countless times.

I find it interesting that Silverstone's idea of "strict" is still 3% voltage regulation. My idea of it has evolved considerably since I got started doing this work. We've seen units go from barely averaging the 5% the ATX spec requires to regularly doing 3%, then 2%, then 1%, and now 0.5% or even better. And yet, we don't really need regulation as tight as we've been getting out of the likes of Seasonic. Our rigs will work fine on Silverstone's promise. That said, Silverstone's promise was easy to hit ten years ago, and the industry has moved on. I hope to find that Silverstone themselves have joined us in 2018 today, because it's just not that hard to beat that number these days.

There's some more marketing on the back of the box, of course. Again, not much we haven't seen before, and half of this space is dedicated to repeating the bullet points from the front in unreadable black on dark gray. Here, we find out that the quiet fan has a fanless mode, which is always nice. Titanium efficiency makes such things easy, even at this power level, but it doesn't appear to me this unit will run that way for long. We might see it turned off for really low loads, but the chart says it comes on at 20% load or about 300 watts. It's not going to be off for long when I start load testing.

In keeping with Silverstone's recent focus on power density, much is made of the housing's 180mm depth as well. However, Silverstone would be wise to start focusing more on performance than counting on power density to sell units like this. It won't take much for the competition to rival this. In fact, the Kolink Continuum 1500W has the same dimensions. Then again, that unit was Enhance built and we know Silverstone's done a lot of work with them in the past. This unit's probably a close cousin of that one.

Specifications and cables - that's what we find here. Good, Silverstone's told us what color of paint to expect. I thought perhaps despite the pictures on the box, we might get one colored yellow with purple zebra stripes on it. Quite frankly, my eyes can't take many surprises like that.

We should probably get this thing unpacked now so we can see what's in the box. Already we see what Silverstone is famous for - documentation. Nobody does that better than this company.

We have two user guides, a magnetic fan filter, bag of goodies, modular cables, power cord, and a power supply with a warning sash on it to remind us it has a fanless mode.

The goody bag contains a few zip ties and cable ties and two bags of screws. I threw the fan filter into this shot too so you could get a better look.


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