Reviews - Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 600W
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-12-2018)

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The time has finally come - Seasonic has hit us with a new fanless model at the 600 watt power level, and it's 80 Plus Titanium. Not only is this the first Titanium fanless unit Seasonic has produced, I do believe it's the first fanless Titanium unit to the market in general.

Now, generally I have no use for fanless units. I've never cared about silence, not even before I started up with that whole crypto mining stuff. However, I do know a lot of you are interested in things that aren't louder than a virtue signaling Oscar winner and do appreciate power supplies that don't drive you nuts. So, we'll give this unit a run on the load tester and see how well Seasonic made out with things. That said, it is a Seasonic so don't be too shocked if it turns out to be awesome. Like that 12 year warranty the box is already bragging about.

Of course, being the Prime platform, Seasonic would be remiss if there wasn't some kind of crazy tight regulation being mentioned somewhere on the box. And there it is, right now... third bullet point on the left. We are to expect average regulation to be inside 0.5% on this unit, and if other Prime models are any indication this shouldn't be a hard job for this model.

The rest of the marketing is the usual mumbo jumbo we've seen a thousand times. We know it's going to be efficient, because all the Prime Titanium units have been. Fanless? Not new. High quality parts? Completely expected. Fully modular? Hello, it's 2018. All high end units are fully modular.

A quick look at the side of the box shows a list of protection features, cables and connectors, and a load table.

Let's unpack and get on with this. I've seen too many of these Prime boxes lately.

Inside the box, we have a bunch of modular cables, a cable bag, a power cord, a power supply in a bag, and an accessories pouch.

Within said accessories pouch, we find a user guide, quick install guide, a flyer, some zip ties, two stickers, some screws, and some fancier cable ties. I'm sure the kitchen sink in here somewhere, too.


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