Reviews - Silverstone SX500-G SFX 500W
Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Dec-11-2017)

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We're going to look at another of Silverstone's SFX form factor units today, the SX500-G. We first saw this new line of 80 Plus Gold models a little while ago when the SX650-G came down the pipe and did a perfectly adequate job of supplying power, not really doing much more than that to leave an imprint on our minds. That's really the way Silverstone has always gone about their business... they won't sell junk, but they also won't burn the competition's houses down with class leading performance either.

No, this company seems perfectly content with being decent but unremarkable. I can't say it's a bad approach, either. Some company or other has to fill this role. However, there are a few occasions when I just want one unit or another from these guys to really wow us. And they've come pretty close to doing that over the years, most recently back when they really started pushing power density and bringing us big power in tiny boxes. The problem is, the competition has caught on, and Silverstone has lost that advantage. Perhaps the SX500-G will be the performer to show us otherwise.

We've already got most of the marketing on the front of the box, just like big brother. SFX. Silent fan. All Japanese capacitors. 80 Plus Gold. Single 12V rail. Strict 3% regulation. I would argue that 3% isn't very strict these days with companies like Seasonic managing 0.5% or better almost all the time now, but that's really our perception rather than the reality. The reality is that 3% really is strict when it comes to the stuff we're powering. It's well inside ATX guidelines, and our motherboards are perfectly capable of taking that 3% and turning it into miniscule fractions of that number. For most people, the difference between 3% and 0.5% regulation amounts to jack squat here in the real world.

Moving on to the back of the box, we see nothing we didn't see on the 650W model. This is where you get marketed to pictorially, and in languages other than English. I'm not going to waste time here.

Specifications... this unit has them. It also has cables and connectors, which are pictured here. There is, apparently a Berg (far right) connector, but if the 650W was any indication it will be on an adapter to minimize my rage at its continued presence here at the end of twenty-freaking-seventeen.

The box contents amount to everything we saw with the 650W. Screws, power supply, power cable, modular cables, and two manuals. Nothing too fancy.


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