Reviews - Seasonic Focus Plus 850W Gold
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-18-2017)

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Well, it's that time of the week again, where yours truly reviews a power supply and tries to distract himself from the disturbing fact that somehow, somewhere, someone is trying to sell someone else a piece of junk power supply not fit to even look at straight on lest it make you blind. I am combating this, as I always do, by making sure that you, dear reader, have all the information needed to tell those gutless wonder hawkers to go take a long walk off a short pier.

Today, we're looking at the last of the three Seasonic Focus Plus units Newegg sent me, the 850 watter. You will remember that Seasonic is now using retailers to source review samples after one too many accusations of cherry picking, and I am still most pleased with their willingness to do this. Nothing speaks of confidence more than a company that doesn't care where your review sample comes from, just that you get one a normal consumer might get.

As you might expect, high expectations are in my head today for this unit. Not only did the past two units considerably exceed expectations, but from a pricing standpoint it has become apparent that nobody else selling a power supply these days was ready for Seasonic to fire a cannon quite this devastating. Few units at the same price could match the 750W and 550W models, and I expect the same will hold true for this model as well. We shall see in good time.

And how has Seasonic been dominating the competition with these units? Why, with a lot of the stuff bragged about on this box right here, is how. Seasonic is one of few companies that can claim something like "tight voltage regulation" and actually have it come off as a profound understatement. They are now pushing the power density envelope at the higher wattages as well, not to mention extending warranty lengths to frankly near absurd lengths for units not intended to be top of the line.

Yes, we have high expectations indeed. So let's not waste a lot of time on the box, and just move on.

I'll give you one parting shot at the box now, and then we'll be done with our cardboard. The load specs on this unit are basically the same as the 750W model, just with more 12V power available. All at fifty degree operating temperatures, of course.

The contents of the box include a power supply in a blanket, a bag of cables, an accessories bag, a free giveaway flyer, and the manual.

The manual is decent, but nothing special. However, I will point out once again that I do not expect more of a manual with units like this. It's just my scoring methodology demands that I pull points for less than high end unit documentation. So... yeah. Don't go looking at other units solely because I complained about the documentation today. You won't find much better in this market segment, and I personally don't buy these things based on their manuals anyway.

I get a little bored shooting the same accessories package over and over, so I made a little house with this one. The Focus Plus sticker is the door, the bag of screws is the window, and the bag of cable ties is that giant hole in the house you need to fix after those college kids played frisbee a little too hard. There's no chimney because this is not a real house.


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