Reviews - EVGA B3 850W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-04-2017)

Page 1 - Marketing and First Look

That clock over there on the wall tells me two things. First, it's time for me to review a power supply. Second, it's about thirty degrees o'clock right now. Hmm... that may not be a clock at all.

No worries, folks, I can still review something today. I'll just grab this here EVGA B3 850W unit and we'll see how it holds up. You may remember the 750W model coming in here and doing some jaw dropping not too long ago. I don't know about you, but I'd love to see if the big brother of that unit keeps bringing in the awesomeness.

Naturally, being part of the same range of units, this model comes in with a lot of features being promised. It has the same full modularity, semi-fanless functionality, protections, compatibility, and topology of little brother. It boasts about stability and efficiency as well, but what it and little brother do not tell us is that the 750W model's boasts turned out to be very modest indeed. That unit managed Silver efficiency when it only promised Bronze and nearly hit mythic voltage regulation targets.

I'm really hoping this unit turns out to match those expectations. Reviews elsewhere online have suggested to me that the models below 750W don't exactly perform as well as that unit did, even to the point of letting their magic smoke out at times, which could explain why they are rated for full power at only forty instead of fifty degrees. All the same we need to run this unit to know for sure if the 750's awesomeness was a one time only thing.

Like all boxes, this one needs unpacking before we can actually do anything with the stuff inside. There's not as much shock protection given by the bubble wrap in here for the power supply in shipping as EVGA's top model packaging has, but this is pretty common for non high end units and I haven't seen too many problems caused because of it.

You, the consumer, will have to pay for the high end models if you want something carefully packed in foam like a Fabergé egg.

We have the same stuff inside the box that came with the 750W model. A power supply, so-so user guide which I'll be scoring on again, modular cables, screws, and power cord. Take a good look at that Berg adapter cable, second from the left. This is the only time I'm showing it to you, as these things are pretty close to useless now. I'm just glad the Berg isn't on one of the main cables.

Our first look at the unit itself shows a hint of the somewhat cheaper housing quality compared to the G3 models. It doesn't quite fit together too well down at the bottom, there.

Even so, the housing isn't badly done and is dressed up in a bronze and matte black color scheme. But we didn't come here to just look at the thing, did we?



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