Reviews - Seasonic Focus Plus 550W Gold
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-21-2017)

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Hello. My name is Oklahoma Wolf. You didn't kill my father. Prepare to review a power supply.

Yes, people, we are back focusing on Seasonic's new line of Focus Plus Gold units. Last time, we looked at the 750W model, which made bold promises and exceeded most of them. Today, we're going to the bottom of the line with the 550 watt model. Since the bigger unit did mythic numbers for regulation when all we were promised was a measly 3% number, I can't help but wonder if the smaller unit is good for even more impressive results. We shall find out in due time.

But first, you guessed it... box pictures!!! I know you guys love those, right? Yeah, yeah, I know. Get this over with, Wolfie.

High efficiency! DC to DC conversion! Ample 12V output! All things expected of any modern power supply that's any good, really. Again we get the promise of 3% regulation, but as Seasonic has proven time and again, this is a really stupid crazy easy target for them to hit these days.

Of course, we expect our units to be reliable, too, so Seasonic has taken that into account. The promise of the good capacitors and an FDB fan is also a highlight here, as well as a ten year warranty that was considered excessive just a few years ago. But really... if you build these things well enough, you can slap as big a number on the warranty as you want. You can afford long warranties if your products never need them.

Fully modular... yay! That'll help the unit score big on the last page, won't it? I do automatically dock points for anything other than fully removable cabling, after all, and I ain't sorry for it. Unlike the old myth a certain company once pushed, extra connectors don't automatically mean another point of failure or a performance drawback. I mean, this company alone has poked all kinds of holes in that one.

Okay. It's time to get away from box pictures now. This will be the last one, because it's time to unpack.

We have a bag of cables, a power supply in a cloth sleeve, a user guide, a free giveaway thingamajigger, and a bag of goodies.

The manual is about as good as can be expected at this price point but is lacking in the same way the 750W model's was. I will be scoring on that. No big deal, in any case.

The goody bag comes with plenty of stuff. Some zip ties, a sticker, some screws, and some fancier cable ties. I like... we don't need to see so many extras at this price point, but I'll be disappointed if Seasonic ever takes some of these away.


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