Reviews - Seasonic Prime Platinum 850W
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-31-2017)

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Let us return to the land of Seasonic once again. Prior to these words that I am now typing, we've looked at three of the five models in the Prime Platinum series and are continuing today with #4, the 850 watt model. We've already done the 650W, 1000W, and 1200W models, and found them all to be similarly excellent examples of power supply engineering.

As was the case with all of the other models, we have some high expectations based on this marketing. Seasonic is still pretty bold in promising that mythic level regulation, but to their credit I have yet to find the model in this line that cannot do it. Even the 1200W, which Seasonic said could be expected to slide closer to 1% average, still did mythic.

I really have been impressed with these guys since the Prime units first arrived in Titanium flavor. They've managed to keep the pressure on some plenty stiff competition. Even so, we do have all five units on hand to check out and we're going to finish the job, repetition be damned. The more units I review, the more chances there are of any design flaws to show up. I'd rather find them now than wait for you to find out later. If, of course, there are any to find.

Like the other models, the box has lots of good info on the unit inside. We've seen all this stuff before at differing power levels, so I'm not wasting words here. Except this one: poodle.

Opening up the box, we find the same stuff the other models had, namely...

A bag full of accessories, a bag full of power supply, a bag full of cables, and a power cord.

The bag of accessories contains, once again, a user guide, an installation guide, some cable ties, some zip ties, some screws, and two stickers.


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