Reviews - Seasonic Focus Plus 750W Gold
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-10-2017)

Page 1 - Marketing

May contain awesome. Go ahead, review me. So sayeth these here boxes, so I guess I'll have to unpack them to see what I'm supposed to be reviewing. Let's just see, here...

Yes, folks, today we are focusing on... Focusing. Seasonic has a new line of units in the wild, and I am to take a look at them. Rather than sending me samples from HQ, they have moved to a Newegg way of doing things. Accusations of Seasonic doing some cherry picking for good reviews have been running amok, and the only real sure-fire way to combat something like that is to source units directly from retail shelves. And so, here we are today.

I can only review one today, so we'll check out the 750W. I'll go chuck these Newegg boxes so there's less clutter around while you check out the back of the retail box.

Of course, there's marketing to get into. All the usual Seasonic goodness is promised today. 80 Plus Gold, DC to DC conversion, 3% regulation (which is considerably looser than the Prime units), reliable parts, and a nice long warranty to name a few.

It is the Focus Plus line we are looking at today... this is the fully modular version of this new platform.

A Seasonic isn't a Sea or Sonic without lots of protection, and they are listed here. I don't really see anything missing, except the obvious lack of multi-rail overcurrent protection. On units like this that are single 12V, it's basically the overpower protection also protecting the 12V side of things, since the DC to DC design means the minor rails are pulled down from the main 12V output.

Sprechen sie not English? Then Seasonic has you covered for marketing here, too, as long as you belong to one of these eight languages.

Free giveaway! US only, of course. Review your unit at Amazon or Newegg, register with Seasonic, and I guess you get a free Bluetooth speaker or something. The QR code takes you to the Seasonic registration website, but I've blurred it out because I'm being mysterious.

Inside the box, we have the giveaway sheet, the user guide, a bag of goodies, a power supply in a sleeve, and a bag of cables.

The user guide is ok, but lacking in a fair bit of detail. It's not like the one that comes with the Primes, but does have the thermal information for full power in it.

The goody bag contains a case sticker, zip ties, cable ties, and some screws. Lots of extras with this unit.


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