Reviews - Corsair HX1200 Platinum 1200W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-03-2017)

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Okay, I've just about had enough of this. First I ask for a cougar and someone sends me a power supply. This week, I ask for a pirate ship, and someone sends me another damn power supply. Sigh. I guess I'm reviewing a power supply, and not pillaging and plundering. You power supply people are always ruining my fun.

Anyway, we're consorting with Corsair today to review the latest update to the HX series of units in the HX1200 Platinum. This is close to the top of Corsair's product range, with only the HXi and AXi units above. As is fitting for its place in the market, it comes with Platinum efficiency certification and a ten year warranty. Of course, there's some marketing on the front of the box like mentions of Japanese capacitors, a fanless mode, and superior voltage regulation, but this is all something we've come to expect at this level of the market. It's then up to people like me, my forty imaginary friends, and my load testing gear to make sure this unit meets with our expectations.

High performance. Premium components. Low noise. Bold words, and they'd best be worth something if Corsair wants a good score later on. This unit competes against the likes of the EVGA P2 units and Seasonic Prime Titaniums, and I have high hopes for it indeed. There's not too much to this side of the box that we don't already know, but there are a few fresh bullet points the front of the box didn't mention. Like the depth of the unit (which is actually wrong, by the way - it's 200mm). We also have some fan curve and efficiency graphs and a load table.

Marketing is found everywhere on this box. This side tells us nothing we don't already know, and reaffirms the fact that I didn't get the bloody pirate ship I asked for. Seriously... just what am I supposed to do with this damn parrot? I've already taught him all the dirty words I know, and because I've been Canadian since 1980, how to apologize for them in both English and French afterwards.

Why yes, there is still more marketing to talk about here. This time, we find out that this unit is selectable between single and multiple 12V rails. This is a big perk for me... I don't like units this size able to throw a gob of power down a SATA cable without shutting down if there's a problem. I've said it over and over... multi-rail is not an issue if properly done. I'll get into whether or not this is the case today on the next page.

The box just doesn't quit. Fortunately, we do get some more helpful information from it like graphics of the cables and connectors. And because Corsair gets it, the only Berg is off on its own little adapter.

Did you just ask, "Corsair gets what?" You know. IT.

Unpacking the box, we find a bag of cables, bag of power supply, power cord, a warranty guide, a safety guide, a goody bag, and a copy of War and Peace. Oops, my mistake, that's actually the user guide.

No objections to the documentation today. What's not here is found at the website.

The goody bag contains some screws, a case sticker, and some zip ties. Everything a growing boy needs to help install his 1200W power supply, except perhaps the biceps needed to lift this dadgum thing.


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