Reviews - Kolink Continuum 1050W
Sample Provided by: Kolink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-12-2017)

Page 1 - Marketing

We're looking at something completely new to us in the western market today, are we not? Kolink is a Hungary brand from hungry that... wait, let me try again. Kolink is a brand hungry for Hungary. No, wait. Hungary is a Kolink that is hungry. Sigh. One more time. Hungry is a... cheeseburger... dammit, brain!

Ok, I have it now. Kolink used to be one company that has now split into two. One of the two is involved with coolers, while the other came over to Hungary and was folded into becoming Caseking's retail arm. That version of Kolink is into power supplies. Hungry ones. This particular 1050 watt one, from the Continuum series, has been sent to me from the other side of the planet to see if this brand is good enough to make a splash here, too.

At any rate, this unit has a five year warranty, is fully modular, and is 80 Plus Platinum certified. All good things.

Like most power supplies, this one hits pretty hard on the box marketing. Most of this stuff is not new to me, and will not be new to most of you either.

Except, perhaps, for the golf themed pitch behind the fan blurb up there. Without me even needing to open the box, I can tell you who the OEM is already: Sirfa. They are the only company religiously using those weird looking golf ball pitted fans, and to be honest I'm not really sure they do much to alleviate noise. Even so, they probably don't hurt anything except maybe your eyes. And if they do hurt your eyes, please stop taking them out of your power supply and poking your eyeballs with them. That's not what they're for.

Also like most units in this weight class, the box is quick to mention DC to DC conversion and tight regulation. DC to DC has become very common these days among mid to high end units, replacing older and less efficient independently regulated designs, and the market has only benefited from this. There is now almost no reason to buy anything else... these designs are affordable and everywhere. Unfortunately, they are not always created the same when it comes to that second point, tight regulation. This is traditionally not an area Sirfa designs excel in. We'll just have to find out about that on pages three and four.

Bold promises are made by this here box. Unrivalled? From a Sirfa based unit? I'm skeptical. They've improved a lot over the years, but I'm still waiting for the one from them that can do mythic average voltage regulation, though I did have a Thermaltake get pretty close back in aught thirteen. They could be back to that level again, but so far I've not seen it.

If it's a load table you're looking for, you're in luck. No mention at all on a max power temp rating, so I hope that's in the manual somewhere.

Wait... do my eyes deceive me? I see no 3.5" Berg connectors listed in this table. Could it be? Has Kolink done the right thing and wiped the Bergs out of this box? I hope so.

It's now time to unpack, and thus far we have a manual, a foam tray of power supply, and a box of other stuff. Let me just get everything laid out, here.

There we go. One power supply, one manual, nine modular cables, one Shuko type heavy gauge power cord, one bag o' screws, and some cable ties. The manual is ok, but still lacking any temperature spec info so there will be a point deduction later.


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