Reviews - Corsair TX850M (2017) 850W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-05-2017)

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Now, here's something we haven't seen in quite a while - a TX series unit from Corsair. Many of you will remember that back in the day, the TX line of units was a popular option for middle of the road enthusiasts who didn't need or want the latest and greatest units available at the time. Mostly because the latest and greatest happened to cost a ton of money for not much extra benefit.

Well, as Father Time shuffled his way forward, the TX line ended up being dropped. Corsair had the CS and CSM line of units, then the RM and RMx units above those, and figured that would be enough to keep their fickle customers from complaining. But for some reason, people immediately started clamoring for the TX line to come back. I can't quite remember why... this was seven years ago and all these power supplies tend to blur together for me after a while.

But that was then and this is now. The TX units are back in semi-modular flavor only, and updated for modern times. We'll look at the 850W today. I'm already digging the longer warranty vs the older TX models.

The marketing is nothing new for us. High efficiency? Yeah, you and every other power supply I review, buddy. Ample connectors? Expected. Modular cables? Always a plus. Reliable? You darn well better be... Corsair's reputation is riding on it.

On the front of the box, we also saw some bragging about Japanese capacitors and tight voltage regulation. All good stuff.

Elsewhere on the box, we find the cable complement of this unit. Looks like we're getting a mix of sleeving and ribbon cables, which is fine with me as long as everything sense makes.

Some compatibility info is also found on the box, in case you were wondering whether or not OEMs have abandoned that whole active power factor correction with auto input switching craze yet. Spoilers: they have not, and they never will. APFC is required for most 80 Plus certifications, and big 1600 watt designs wouldn't be feasible without it.

Unpacking the box, we find a bag of modular cables, bag of accessories including zip ties and screws, lots of documentation, a power cord, and a strange metal box with a fan and some electronics in it. I guess those are used to comb one's hair?

Documentation is just fine - what's not on this table is easily found on the website.


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