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Sample Provided by: Riotoro (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-01-2017)

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It's time to run with the river bull again here at the site. You may remember Riotoro from back in March, when we looked at the Enigma 850W, and found it to be a pretty good unit indeed. Today, we're looking at a more budget oriented unit from these folks in the Onyx 650W. Riotoro has stepped things down to Bronze level efficiency and a three year warranty in this line of units so that people on a budget can afford them.

That said, there do appear to be some middle range features in store for us, like semi modularity and a <squint> fan </unsquint> of some sort.

Looking at the back of the box, we find out that this unit has been engineered to exact specifications. New platforms are spoken of, as well as multiple protections. We shall see about that, on both counts. When it comes to the bargain units on the market, there can often be a fine line between "cheap but decent" and "pure crap in a metal box." That said, there are quite a few former Corsair staff members working at this new company so we should be in pretty good hands, here.

That said, there's something screwy about the efficiency graph. 80 Plus Bronze is a super easy target to hit nowadays, but only requires 85% efficiency at half load. That graph up there looks like we can expect considerably more efficient than that. Very interesting. We'll have to see what happens in load testing... if we do better than Bronze, that's just icing on the cake.

Elsewhere on the box, we find some specifications, dimensions, and other random info.

While on the opposing side, we get the cable and connector counts. Hmm... looks like this comes with two fewer PCIe connectors than last week's Seasonic. Is that really a big deal, though, at this power level?

The box on the inside looks a mite light on the padding for the unit inside, but this is hardly a new approach for units in this market segment. It's usually the higher end stuff that gets the foam padding.

With the box now unpacked, we see a power supply, a bag with some zip ties and screws, a power cord, and a user guide.

As was the case with the Enigma unit, the user guide is light on specifications with no info on the max temp rating anywhere to be found. And this info is not found at the website either, so I'll plan on a half point scoring deduction later.

Otherwise, the guide is decent. Albeit a little too in love with more marketing. It's just that in this day and age, I think we deserve to know how hot these things can get to expect full power. That's never been hard info to find at Corsair or EVGA, and as long as I can easily get that data I'll usually let user guides like this one slide. But that's not the case today, as it was not the case with the Enigma.


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