Reviews - Enermax Revolution SFX 650W
Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-10-2017)

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So you say you want a revolution. Well, you know... I'm not a Beatles fan so you're not getting any more than that one reference from me in this review. Instead, I'm going to look at a different kind of revolution from Enermax. This is the first unit from them I've seen in quite some time, honestly. They've decided to get into the power density game with Silverstone and Corsair, and have floated this here 650 watt 80 Plus Gold unit into my hands as proof of it.

And apparently, they've thrown in a free gadget for good measure, a wireless speaker. I'm not sure how useful that will be, but I do happen to be a guy who likes free toys in cereal boxes so I do appreciate the thought.

Marketing. We already saw some of that on the front of the box with talk of full modularity, Japanese caps, and semi fanless modes. But there's more on this side of the box.

And on this side of the box, we find out that there isn't much else we don't already know or didn't already suspect. DC to DC design? Not new, revolutionary, or uncommon. All high end units these days use that. SFX form factor? Knew that from the front of the box. Multiple protections? Glad to see them, but fully expected.

It looks like we can expect an included SFX to ATX bracket plate with this unit. Good. Silverstone started that practice, so if you want to compete you have to do that too.

Moving around the box, we find out that yes... this is a computer power supply. We also learn that the free toy included has no warranty.

This load table tells us that this unit packs a lot of juice into a small box. In fact it's the same size housing as the Corsair SF600 with fifty more watts to brag about. That extra power likely won't matter much, so for me it'll come down to which is the better performer.

Opening up the box for the first time, we find our free toy hiding in the top right corner. Let me just unpack.

We have a power supply, an adapter plate, a Q-Boom Bluetooth speaker, a power cord, some modular cables, screws, and the documentation. I'm pretty much satisfied with the level of details in said documentation, and don't plan to score against it.

In a rather strange move, the only screws included are the three that bolt the unit to the adapter plate. They didn't include any for bolting the adapter plate to a case. That's an odd omission.


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