Reviews - Cooler Master Masterwatt Maker 1200W
Sample Provided by: Cooler Master (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-03-2017)

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Recently, we looked at a great big monster of a unit from Cooler Master that was made in Japan and proud of it. And I have to admit, I'm still drooling over the build quality of that beast. But that unit was crazy expensive, a niche product that few of us would ever own. We're going to go back to the made in Taiwan stuff from Cooler Master today to see if perhaps we can get decent performance from something less wallet breaking.

Yes, today's review will feature the rather oddly named Masterwatt Maker 1200, a power supply that makes masterwatts. Or... masters making watts. Or... makers the master city of Watts. Or... something.

As we look around the box, we really get the sense that Cooler Master was eying the Corsair AX1500i when they conceived this thing. There isn't too much marketing about the performance on the box at all... it's mostly hype over the mobile app and software interface. I seriously hope this doesn't mean performance has gone neglected. Yes, the AX1500i's software interactivity was a big selling point, but it wasn't the only selling point. Corsair still brought the performance.

Specs? The box has them. I am pleased to see a full suite of protection circuits being bragged about.

It's somewhat interesting that the unit appears to have dual 12V configuration, but that's actually welcome in my book. However, with them both able to run up to 50A, I'm not sure how useful it actually is. That's a bit high, if you ask me. But they can't be any lower without adding more 12V rails, so I won't complain too hard.

It is time to unpack things. For the second time, because yours truly somehow deleted the images from the first time he photographed this unit.

We have a lot of stuff here. A power supply in a bag, some modular cables, a bag with screws and zip ties, a cable bag, and some documentation. And for the first time ever, a Bluetooth dongle. No, seriously... that's how the mobile app interfaces with the unit. I worry that the cost of adding such a thing might drive the price up to "is it really worth the money" land, alongside the MIJ unit.

The manual is a little... nay, a lot on the skimpy side for this unit, but at least there is one. It's not much help dealing with the Bluetooth and software side of things, so you can expect a deduction later.

An up close look at the dongle. This sticks onto the exhaust grille area of the unit. I hope Cooler Master has considered the effects of perhaps blocking some vent space, and/or putting this right in the line of hot air.


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