Reviews - Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200W
Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-27-2017)

Page 1 - Marketing

Good day, folks. Our primal little monkey brains are primed for... sorry guys, I can't finish that joke. I didn't get much sleep last night, and somehow my brain's joke writing center has gotten stuck in "super lame" mode.

We've already seen what Seasonic can bring to the table. On many, many occasions, they've come in here and knocked it right out of the park. Most recently, with the Prime Titanium units. Thanks to units like those, performance has improved on the computer PSU front to the point I now have to score them really aggressively in order to keep these things from clearing perfect 10 total scores all the time.

Well, Seasonic has now decided to point the Prime platforms at lower efficiency levels so that the people who may not be able to afford Titanium can all bask in the glory of these new units. We're going right to the top today with the 1200 watt model, a power level that does not yet exist for the Titanium Prime units. No, the Titaniums only go up to a kilowatt so this model is the highest powered unit based on the new Prime platforms you can get.

That's kind of odd, actually. Seasonic has never really seen much need to go any higher than 1200 watts, even when their main rival at Super Flower is now putting out ungodly good units at 1600-2000 watts. While it's true there's not too much of a market up at that end of the scale, there is a market.

Anyway, my brain's resources are running thin today, so I'm going to try and keep this page short. Much of the marketing is like the Titanium models, only with the lower efficiency you get by going down to Platinum. And really, Platinum is already plenty high efficiency for most of us. Titanium doesn't really add that much to the party.

Of course, regulation is also a point of pride for Seasonic and this model is no exception. These guys are now outright bragging about their mythic level regulation, promising it right on the box. So you better believe I'll be looking for that later.

On this side of the box, we get the specifications and load table. I'm glad to see a full suite of protection features included, though I never really doubted Seasonic on that one.

I do find myself thinking once again about making a big deal of the single 12V rail on this unit, though. At 100 amperes, that is a crapton of current to push should something go wrong the protection can't spot. That's why the industry tried to go multi-rail in the first place, and why some units still push that mindset. It's just too many companies stateside did it wrong, is all. And then that one decided to put their reputation and marketing behind single 12V being better, and now here we are with single 12V units running as high as 1600 watts.

I'll say it again - multi-rail overcurrent protection done right is not a bad thing. BeQuiet is one of the companies doing it right.

Of course, some of you likely don't speak English, so marketing has been provided in eight other languages on this side of the box. No middle English, though, so you can take your funny lookin' words and go back to Middlengland...istan. Or something.

It is now time to unpack our shiny fancy box and get at the goodies within.

So far, we have a bag of goodies, a power cord, bag of cables, and a bag of power supply.

The bag of goodies includes the user guide, installation guide, screws, case sticker, Prime sticker, velcro ties, and zip ties. Lots of stuff.

Here's the installation guide. Fairly basic stuff.

And here's the user guide. I can find no faults with the documentation. Seasonic isn't working Silverstone levels of info in here, but I can't imagine us needing more than what we have.


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