Reviews - Andyson H6 800W
Sample Provided by: Andyson International (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-20-2017)

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Another day, another power supply for yours truly to review. Andyson isn't a name we see too often around here, and yet their units do cross my threshold every once in a while. Some of these have been very impressive, others not so much. The last one we looked at was the Platinum R 850W, which put in a really strong showing. But that was a while ago. Is Andyson still putting out good stuff?

That's why this here H6 800W unit is here, people. At 80 Plus Gold, this unit promises to be a good alternative to units like that there Riotoro Enigma unit we just looked at.

So far, I'm not seeing much marketing from the box. I do see a lot of cabling and specification info, though, for the entire product line. We've got the 800W unit here, so we'll be looking at the biggest of the lot.

Also, I just want to point out that this unit is cabless. Repeat, cabless. Says so, right there. So, you will not get any free taxi rides today.

Ah, there are the marketing points. Nothing whatsoever unexpected or out of the ordinary. No mention of any fanless modes at all. Only semi-modular, so it should be directly comparable to the Riotoro.

Want a fan curve? Want an efficiency graph? I got your graphs right here, buddy. This confirms that we have no fanless mode at all on this unit.

Opening up the box, we find the unit immediately inside with only a little foam for protection. None at all on top. I'd like to see more foam in there, but I won't deny this keeps packaging costs down.

So far, we have a power supply and a bag of stuff. That's it. No manual at all, so that will be scored on.

Unpacking the goody bag, we find some velcro ties, some screws, the modular cables, and a power cord.


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