Reviews - Thermaltake DPS-G RGB Titanium 1000W
Sample Provided by: Thermaltake (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-13-2017)

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Here's a novel idea - how about we look at another power supply together? Today, I have another unit from Thermaltake's Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium series on the table.

These guys have really gotten behind the RGB fan thing, haven't they? Not only are we seeing these colorful fans on their high end units, but on their more affordable models as well like the Toughpower Grand Gold unit we just looked at not long ago. This is the third unit in the Titanium RGB line I've now looked at, and even in this series alone I'm starting to wonder if Thermaltake is maybe going a little overboard with this. But they've been doing well on the value front lately, so why complain about extra features that don't necessarily hurt the bottom line?

As was the case with the last two units in this line, Thermaltake leans pretty heavily on the SPM software side of things to sell these units. While software monitoring is always a nifty feature, you will also remember that with the 850W model I was no longer able to get that software to even run on Windows 7, despite claims of compatibility. I hope this has been fixed in time for this one... I would hate to dock points for that again, when I actually rather liked Thermaltake's software. Back when it worked for my Win7 rigs, that is.

Otherwise, this is basically marketed like your usual high end Titanium unit. High quality capacitors, high efficiency, and industrial grade protection share space with the ability to Facebook things via the software. Like I care about how well the software supports Facebook.

I'll confess to not wanting to get too wordy as we look at the box. We've now seen three of these Thermaltake Titanium boxes, and this one hasn't shown us anything new.

We have a bag of cables, bag of cable management clips, bag of documentation, bag of power cord, and a power supply in a blankie. The documentation is the same as the 850W version - the manual's better than nothing, but not the best. Once again, the SPM software guide claims Win7 compatibility.

A look at the cable management clips. The entire Titanium line uses tangle happy individually sleeved cables, so you will no doubt find yourself needing these.

Inside the power cord bag, we find a nice stout 14 gauge power cord, along with a few token zip ties and a bag of screws.


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