Reviews - Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W (W0156) Overview
Sample Provided by: Thermaltake (By jonny on Sun, Jun-03-2007)

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If you're one of those folks that believes the FUD about each modular connection of a power supply having the same electrical resistance as a wire the length of the distance from the Earth to the Sun, you don't have to miss out on Thermaltake's latest and greatest offering.  Apparently, Thermaltake has decided to make the Toughpower 1200W available as a non-modular unit as well!

As you can see, the boxes are different enough to where one does not need to memorize a part number to not confuse the two.  The modular unit clearly says "CableManagement" (looks like one word like "Thermaltake" and Toughpower") and the picture of the power supply is taken at such an angle as to show the modular interface.

The back of the non-modular Toughpower 1200W's box actually has more bullet points because each type of connector is shown with the quantity of each cable along side it.

The specifications of each are identical, as they should be.  These power supplies are the same in every single way except that one is modular and the other is not.

The other side of the box is the same except that the "CableManagement" version has a bullet point for "Modularized cable management."  Here you can see the two different part numbers for the two different models.

The Toughpower 1200W has so many cables coming out of it that one hole for the cables to come out of simply is not enough.

Having a 1200W power supply with enough power connectors to supply 1200W to 1200W worth of components is quite the rat's nest.  This picture alone is like the poster child as to why one should consider the modular version!

As with the modular version of the Toughpower 1200W, this version comes with three 8-pin PCI-e to 6-pin PCI-e adapters so the power supply can be converted from three way 300W PCI-e card capability to three way 225W PCI-e card capability.

Side by side, without looking at the cables, one can not tell the difference between the two Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W units.


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