Reviews - EVGA Supernova T2 850W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-01-2016)

Page 1 - Marketing and First Look

We started this year off with a bang, reviewing the Thermaltake DPS-G 1250W Titanium and EVGA T2 1kW back to back in short order. Today, we're getting right back into the clash of the Titaniums again with the EVGA T2 850W model.

It's always good to check out more than one model in a product line to be sure the quality and performance is consistent, isn't it? We don't necessarily need to take a look at every single unit in a product range, but methinks by the time this review is done we'll have seen all we need to of the new EVGA Titanium line, as long as the performance of this one is much like what we saw with the 1kW model.

It should come as no shock at all that the feature list of this unit is the same as what we saw with the 1kW model. Same power supply family, same OEM, same everything but the load table; which is sufficiently slimmed down to get the 850W numbers this unit boasts. I won't waste any time here... all these features we've already looked at recently, so I'm going to move right to unpacking. Really, the quicker we get to the load testing today, the better.

Also not surprising to me is the list of stuff in the box. It's the same as what we got with the 1kW. Manual, power supply in a cloth bag, power cord, screws, modular cables, cable bag, self test adapter, and cable ties are all present once again.

I'm going to skip scanning that manual. It's the same as the one got with the 1kW, so we don't need to see it again.

The 850W T2 unit comes in the same housing as the 1kW model, so dimensions are exactly the same. I'll have those for you in the cable table on the next page.

Of course, the T2 series remains fully modular. I expected nothing less from EVGA's flagship range of units.


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