Reviews - Corsair RM750x 750W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-23-2015)

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That's right, folks, today we're looking at another Corsair unit. Back in October, we found ourselves with a big pile of awesomeness when the new RM1000x came in and managed to sweet talk its way into a perfect total score. On the plate for today is the little brother to that unit, the RM750x. Make no mistake, even for this platform, it's going to be hard to top that 1kW unit. Perfect total scores don't happen very often here, even for units based on similar platforms.

But let's just give Corsair a chance, shall we?

As always, we start with a few box pictures. There are no surprises here... the marketing info of this unit is exactly the same as big brother. It's fully modular, it's 80 Plus Gold, it still has semi-fanless operation. We won't waste any time rehashing all that stuff here.

Cables! Connectors! These are very useful things when it comes to computer power supplies, and this unit has some of them. Here's a list. I'll have a table for you on the next page.

On this side of the box, more marketing. Next image, please. I'm unpacking now.

A power cord, a warranty guide, a user guide, a bag of accessories, a bag of modular cables, and a bag of power supply come inside the box. The accessories count is the same as big brother, which was pretty good. The little bag of goodies contains the same stuff: a case sticker, some zip ties, and some screws.

I won't bother shooting the manual or the little bag of goodies this time. It's all the same as we saw with the 1kW unit, and I'm not running with a lot of free time this week.


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