Reviews - EVGA NEX650G (G1) 650W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-31-2015)

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This is it, people. I've finally gotten to the bottom of the pile of new EVGA power supplies that were purchased retail straight off the Newegg shelves. Today, I'm looking at the NEX650G, the first unit bearing the NEX moniker we've seen since the launch of the high end NEX1500 back in 2012. This particular unit came by its 80 Plus certification in late 2012, making it one of the first few EVGA units to make its way to market after the NEX1500, so I'm interested to see how it performs for us today.

Like many power supplies before it, this one has a lot of marketing on the back of the box. Fifty degrees for full power - excellent. EVGA's done well to keep their units up to the standards the industrial grade segment uses for temperatures, and I definitely appreciate that. Fully modular? Another awesome thing I like on a power supply.

Japanese main capacitor? Wait... I could have sworn older reviews of this same unit had the Japanese stuff throughout. But it could be this one is still similarly equipped. You bet I'm going to check that out on page five, though.

5+5 year global warranty? So... ten years? That's a rather long span of time for a unit not being targeted at the high end crowd. I'm not complaining, mind you.

Opening the box, we find the unit well packed in foam, just like most other EVGA units.

We have ourselves a power supply, some modular cables, some accessories, and a user guide. There are a total of six velcro cable ties as well, currently being used to bundle the modular cables.

The user guide is pretty decent, like most other EVGA units. With this unit being a quad 12V design, the manual does tell you which cables are on which 12V rail.

The accessories count on this unit seems a little light compared to units like the G2 and GS series models, but really isn't lacking in any major way. We still get a self test adapter, some screws, and the six velcro cable ties I mentioned a couple pictures back.


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