Reviews - Enermax Digifanless 550 550W
Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-11-2015)

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Mornin' folks. Are you ready for another power supply review? Good. It's been a little while since I last reviewed a fanless unit, and a long while since I last reviewed an Enermax unit. Today, the wait ends, for I am now reviewing both at the same time.

On the front of the box, we can already see that this unit promises to be something special. 80 Plus Platinum, 5 year warranties, and Japanese capacitors are all stuff we're used to; naturally. But the box hints that we might be in for something even more special than that. It also promises individual sleeving on the cables and something called ZDPMS. I can only assume that stands for "Zithers Do Prove Music can Suck." I suppose it could stand for other things. Hey, maybe the back of the box will tell us.

Oh, okay. ZDPMS actually stands for "Zero Delay Power Monitoring System." Folks, it seems that this unit offers software monitoring and control, like the Corsair AXi series or Thermaltake's DPS units. I think this is the first time I've seen such a thing on a fanless unit.

As the front of the box promised, and the back of the box confirms, we do have the individually sleeved cables going on today. This is the first time I've seen that feature since the EVGA NEX1500. One hopes that Enermax has learned from that unit not to use standby wiring too thin to get the job done in spec. Even so, while the individual sleeving looks absolutely killer, I find it quite a drawback for functionality. It's easy to get individual wires tangled, and that does not improve by putting sleeving on each wire.

The rest of the features are pretty standard bullet points, dressed up to help in the marketing of this unit by making it seem special. Japanese capacitors? Nothing new there. Lots of protection circuits including overtemp? Not new, and pretty much required for fanless units. Future ready? I've been seeing those 12 pin connectors on every Enermax since the dawn of time it seems, and we still don't see any signs of those upcoming 10 and 12 pin connectors from the industry.

No, what makes this unit special thus far is the fanless operation and software control. That first bullet point about this being the first unit to do this is absolutely correct as far as I'm aware.

I like it when the box reminds me that this is a computer power supply. I was going to test this by installing it in my TV set.

Opening up the box, we get a good look at not one but two user guides. One for the power supply, one for the software. I don't think I'll be docking points for documentation later, if this is any indication.

Let's unpack.

This guy comes with a ton of stuff! We have a power supply with a "install with grille facing up" warning sash, power cord, three bags of modular cables, two user guides, some screws, a case sticker, a power cord retention clip, a modular cable bag, and some velcro cable ties.

That's what I like about Enermax' high end stuff. They're not afraid to make with the extra goodies.

The user guide is as complete as I could ask for. Nope, no points coming off later for this.

As if that weren't enough, the ZDPMS guide is also rather complete though a little brief. It only seems big because Enermax re-printed the directions in every language that has ever existed throughout this massive book. I'm pretty sure I'll even find Enya's made up Loxian in here somewhere.

A look at some of the goodies up close. That power cord retention clip goes on the power supply next to the AC receptacle, and helps hold the power cord in place from falling out. You usually only see these on server installations.


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