Reviews - EVGA Supernova GS 650W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-04-2015)

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Lately, I have been up to my eyebrows in EVGA power supplies. We've now seen how their new Seasonic models perform at 850 watts, 1050 watts, and 1000 watts. But the fun doesn't stop there, for they have partnered with Seasonic to go below 850 watts as well.

Today, I am looking at the first of the lower powered units in the 650GS. Let's see some box pictures.

At a glance, it seems that most of the marketing is the same as we got for the other GS series units. We still have all the usual bragging points like tight voltage regulation, full power at fifty degrees, a TNB fan (though it's 120mm vs. the 140mm unit the bigger units have), Japanese capacitors, and full modularity.

What we don't seem to have is the same warranty. You may recall that the bigger models started out at five years and got bumped up to seven years. This one appears to be strictly five years. Now, that doesn't bother me, really. The standard used to be three years, with five years being common for high end units until these companies decided to start one-upping each other on warranty length. My personal opinion as an electronics tech? Five years is plenty for any unit. If you're going to see any problems, chances are good it'll be somewhere in the first year anyway.

You may remember me going on at length about capacitor life in my last couple of reviews, stating that I thought ten years was a good lifespan for any and all high end power supplies. I still believe that, and I just don't believe we need units to be warrantied for that entire time. It's nice, especially if you're not a tech like me, but it's not necessary. Five or seven is plenty good enough.

I say it's time to unpack the box. This won't take long - it's small.

There's a power supply, two bags of modular cables, a power cord, a user guide, some velcro cable ties, some screws, and the usual EVGA self test adapter here on my table.

The user guide is pretty decent, much like all the other EVGA units I've seen lately.

A better look at some of the goodies. I've explained before how that self test adapter works, so I'll skip that part today. I will say I'd have preferred a few more of those cable ties, but I'm not sure I'll be scoring against it.


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