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  (By jonny on Mon, Apr-23-2007)

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The Micro Temp MTPRO is a fun tool.  Essentially point it at something you want to know the temperature of and it will tell you.  Take one of these bad boys to a party and things will really get interesting.  People will start taking the temperature of their drinks, the wall, the light bulbs.. even each others heads.

I got the Micro Temp MTPRO so I could use it for monitoring temperatures within the computer.  But I also found it handy for making sure the temperature of my Jagermeister was below freezing.

The MTPRO has a comfortable pistol grip.  Squeeze the trigger and a laser shoots out of the front of the unit.  After one second, you'll know the temperature of the area around the laser light.  Hold the trigger down and move with the MTPRO and you'll even pick up very subtle changes in temperature within the same area.  A great science experiment of how heat rises is to take the MTPRO, shoot it at a wall and then gradually move the laser up the wall from the floor to the ceiling.

As we look at the back of the package, we see that Spark Industries has a number of suggested uses for the Micro Temp MTPRO, including checking your reptile's body temperature.

You need to be aware of the fact that the laser light doesn't actually come out of the sensor lens area when shooting at things at close range.  The laser is a little lower than the sensor, so at close range you may want to compensate a little.

Inside my PC, I can check for hot spots.  I was surprised to find the memory running as hot as it was. 

The Micro Temp is made to measure surface temperatures.  But what good is a review when you don't push the boundaries a little.  In the above photo, I've taken the filler cap off of my Corsair Nautilus so I can check the coolant temperature.  How is this not accurate?  Because this is the temperature of the outer surface of the coolant in the coolant tank.

If we grab my trusty TES 1320 Type-K Dual Channel Thermometer and immerse the temperature probe into the coolant a few millimeters, we find a higher temperature of 43°C.

This isn't to say that the Micro Temp MTPRO is inaccurate, it's just something you need to be aware of when thinking about using the MTPRO to measure temperature on something other than a solid surface.

Let's do some more experiments!  I grabbed the MTPRO and my type-K and headed outside to the car...


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