Reviews - Lepa Maxbron B1000M 1000W
Sample Provided by: Lepa (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Feb-18-2015)

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Good day, folks, and welcome to spring cleaning day in the lab. We're going to get nice and dusty today, because I have put this off for way too long. We'll start in this corner, right here. You start pulling those boxes out, and I'll rummage through this pile of old stuff over here. Let's see... we've got orange, purple stuff, Sunny D... wait a second. Stop right there, folks, I found a review sample I never finished up the review on.

Screw spring cleaning, we're going to take a hard look at a power supply named after a guy named Max Bron. I can always clean the place up next year. Why did I never finish this review? All in good time.

According to the box, this unit is 80 Plus Bronze, supports Haswell, and comes with extra Q-Bricks, whatever those are. It comes from Lepa, the company that brought us our awesome G-1600 a while back. This unit is skewed a little more toward the budget crowd than that one was, but since the 1600W model was already budget targeted and yet still such an awesome unit I'm hoping for more of the same today from Max Bron here.

Like most power supplies, the box has some marketing going on. There are lots of tables, bullet points, and pictures to look at.

Hmm... it looks like that Q-Brick stuff is just some kind of a silicone sleeve that fits over the power supply, protecting it, as the box claims, from:

  1. Anti-shock
  2. Anti-static
  3. Anti-slippery

How do you protect something against lack of shock, static, or "slippery?" I'm not sure. The unit also appears to have a hydraulic bearing fan, which is really marketing speak for sleeve bearing.

The unit we have here today looks to be the top model in a range of six units, for the load specs of all six can be found in the specifications table.

High efficiency, APFC, quiet fan, Q-Bricks, protection circuitry. All possibly very good things.

Time to get inside the box, now. Looks a mite cramped in there, but we'll get in there and excavate all the same.

There was a lot of stuff inside this box. A power supply with a red silicone sleeve, a bunch of modular cables, a bag for said cables, an accessories bag, a user guide, a power cord, and a black silicone sleeve in case you don't like the red one.

The user guide. Not a terribly comprehensive one, but at least it's printed in several languages.

This is the black "Q-Brick" that came with the unit. As you can see, it just fits over the power supply. Might be kind of hard to mount said power supply in a case with this on, but at least you can remove these things if needed. These are neat little accessories to throw in there, and I like them. But I don't think they protect anything against static electricity, as the box claimed. They'll dampen vibrations and keep the unit from slipping if you decide to use it on ice, but that's about it.

No, it's grounding the unit through the power cord that protects against static electricity, not putting on a silicone sleeve like this.

There's not a lot to the accessories bag. Some velcro cable ties and some screws.


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