Reviews - EVGA Supernova P2 1600W - An Update
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-02-2015)

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I like to think there's a reason you folks keep coming back to that site. While that reason could be the fact that unlike some other reviewers, I can imitate Preston Manning, former leader of the Refooooooooooooooorm Party of Canada, it is just as likely that you keep coming back here because I happen to actually care about the companies who send me stuff. I like to see them improving on past units, taking issues and turning them into non-issues.

In December, I looked at EVGA's brand new P2 1600 watt unit. It performed well, but not nearly as well as the folks at EVGA wanted it to perform. Oh, it was impressive enough from a voltage stability standpoint, but when it came to ripple suppression something was definitely amiss on both of the review samples I received. After much back and forth communication between myself and Super Flower, the OEM of these units, they finally figured out why those units were testing so strange for me in terms of ripple and yet so well for them.

The story went, I had received two units from a pile of early revision models by mistake that had not gone out into the retail channel because their PFC sections were operating at the wrong frequency. It was interference from this getting into the outputs that caused the extra ripple to show up, and it only showed up when the outputs were scoped close to the unit being tested. It was not dangerous to the unit, and because it was extremely well in spec not dangerous to attached hardware either. That said, Super Flower wants to be the best in the world and beat the likes of Seasonic and Delta at their own game.

So, Super Flower asked me if I wanted to check out the actual shipping unit as well as an upcoming newer revision. I informed them that because of the site's two unit restriction on reviews, I could no longer evaluate these as part of the review, but I would gladly run them through the tests and post an update. I've offered that chance to other companies in the past, but so far very few have actually taken me up on it. Actually, I can't remember the last time. Wait... has it ever happened? Brain, you need more caffeine.

Anyway, this article is that update. Super Flower actually did send the two units out, I did test them, and I'm about to tell you how they did. Because this is not a review, there will be no score and no disassembly. No hot box testing, either, as we are strictly evaluating ripple suppression. This whole article is going to be measurements and me typing my thoughts into this here keyboard. That's it.

Now, in the above picture we see the two units side by side. The actual shipping retail sample, which came shrink wrapped like it just came off a store shelf, is on the left. The future revision, which came in a slightly torn box with the seals broken, is on the right. Then again, I expected the revision model to come in a box like that, after all it is an engineering sample. I've had engineering samples before... some of them came in boxes from completely different units.

Super Flower claims that the revised unit features different PFC coils and different main transformers, and is improved over the current shipping retail unit. We can see evidence of the change above, as the revised unit has the black squared off PFC coils behind the exhaust grille we saw in the T2 1600W unit just last week. No, that doesn't automatically mean we'll see the P2 units starting to push Titanium efficiency, but it could happen I suppose. We'll find out soon enough.

I can also tell you the main transformers are indeed different, but was not able to get a shot of them with the covers on. Since I am forgoing the disassembly stuff to bring you some extra testing I don't normally do for a review, I reckon y'all can do without a good look at the guts of these units this time out.

Before we go on to some load testing, a look at the modular cable panel on both of these units. Immediately I see evidence that my original P2 1600W samples were early revisions not meant for public consumption... these units lack the confusing on/off labeling on the eco mode switch. So, at least that appears to be a complete non issue on any of the actual retail units out there. Otherwise, there are no other differences in these panels. The connectors and cabling are all the same and interchangeable between the two.

That's good, because to eliminate any influences from the cabling I will be using the shipping retail unit's cables for both units. The ones that came with the revised unit will not even come out of the box.


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